Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Installing Cubbies In The Mudroom

When I tried to get our mudroom organized, we didn't have to deal with winter jackets, hats, snow pants, etc.  I guess I didn't think that far in advance.  Well, when winter hit, our mudroom became a dumping ground for every article of clothing that everyone ever had.  It was bad.  Like, really bad!  So I needed to find a better way to keep coats and stuff organized. 

I had to come to terms that the system I tried to create for coats, bags, etc., wasn't working for us.  We were planning on getting cubbies in the near future, just not this year.  But the hubby couldn't work from home because he felt really disorganized in that space, and I wasn't getting anything done because I just tried to avoid that whole area all together.  So we caved and got really nice cubbies to hold bags, shoes, purses and any other goodie that can be stored there.

I wanted everyone to have their own space for their things and I wanted cabinets to hid things.  We also needed space for lots of shoes.

We found an amazing company called All About Closets.   They came out to help us come up with a plan for the space.  They listened to all of my needs and wants, and created this wonderful system for us.
These cubbies were a life saver!  They are keeping us really organized and there are no more shoes spread out across the room!  Once winter hits, I am not worried about where the jackets, hats, gloves, etc. are going to go! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Road Trip...Beach Vacay!

Over the fourth of July, we went to Michigan City, Indiana for a little beach vacation with my brother sister-in-law, her parents, my parents and some friends!  It's an easy drive from Chicago, so I didn't need many snacks or distractions for the kiddos in the car.  We also planned to drive during naps, which was an easy way to keep the kids busy!  It was a great little get-away for us, but trying to get us organized for our first road trip as a family of 5 (yes, the crazy puppy came too) seemed like a daunting task. 

I started by making a list for each person as to what they would need for our vacation.  I did this a few days in advance so I could take notice if there was anything I might have missed.

Then I started packing.  One easy way to pack for a road trip is to pack all of your clothes in big bins with lids.  They stack easily, and, if you have clear bins, you can find everything quickly, because who wants to spend all their time inside looking for a swimsuit?  Another plus to using bins on a beach vacation is easy clean up, since everything is covered in sand when you get home!
 I ended up packing the kiddos things together, the hubby and my things together and the crazy puppy had all of his things in a grocery bag.  I had an extra bag for all of the kiddos' diapers and food.  We also brought some toys for the kids and the Pack'N'Play.
We had a great time enjoying the beach and hanging out with friends and family.  The bins worked out great for everybody's clothes!  It also made packing up to go home easy as we just shoved everything into the bins and smashed the lid closed!  What are some of your favorite items for a road trip?  Use anything unusual such as storage bins?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting Ready For Company Series: Getting Things Back To Normal

While it's sad to see my guests leave, it's nice to be able to get things back in order!  While I have been keeping myself organized before my guests arrive and while the guests visit, getting myself back to normal once my guests leaves is not such a cumbersome task.  But a few things I like to do to keep myself organized after my guests visit include:
Go Through Rooms To Make Sure Guest Didn't Forget Anything
I can't even tell you how many times my parents have left things at our house.  Silly things like phone chargers or blue tooth ear pieces.  As they are leaving, I always make a quick run through to make sure they have everything, but sometimes a second look is in order!
Wash All Sheets And Towels 
I always throw all of the towels and sheets they used in the washer right after they leave.  This helps from laundry getting piled up.  My goal is to have all of the bedding and towels put away before I go to bed on the night that my guests leave.  It really is my way of being lazy so I don't have to deal with it the following day.
Get Room Back To Normal
Since our guests stay in the basement, I try to get the space back to normal by putting the Murphy bed up, taking out the toys and rearranging any furniture I had to move while my guests were visiting.
The last thing I try to do once my guests leave is to clean the spaces they used like the bathroom.  It just makes me feel like my home is put back together!