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Saturday Thoughts

This week The Organized Mama is sharing her thoughts from the week, favorite finds, and the best stuff from bloggers this week!

Random thoughts on this sunny Saturday…

  1. I have come to realize I am not a morning person or a night owl. I am most productive around 10-2. Is there a name for this?
  2. This week, The Organized Kids shared how to keep art supplies organized. And I shared how to organize an overflow fridge and freezer, along with decorating a boy’s room using magnetic poster holders. 
  3. And I shared my business tips for using social media to leverage your organizing business. Next week I am going to be doing lives every day to help you grow your organizing business. You can follow along here.
  4. I am thinking about doing a giant declutter of our storage areas. They have gotten out of control. I might include this in my spring cleaning. I don’t understand how we end up collecting so much stuff! Would you join along?
  5. Have you seen this new trend to basically put berries in a bowl and cover it with coconut water? It is called Nature’s Cereal and I am not really sure why. I saw a TikTok where someone said use pineapple juice instead of coconut water and it tastes better so I may test and let you know!

And now?

Let’s see what fun stuff I found this week!

white laundry room with shelves and baskets from Clean Mama

Becky from Clean Mama shared some easy cleaning routine hacks for when you don’t have time to do a large clean. I love these tips!

Final closet with colorful shirts hanging from Just Destiny

And since it is time for some spring cleaning, this tutorial for transforming a closet from Just Destiny is perfect for a good spring clean declutter session!

cork board calendar with plant from tidied by k

I am also loving these productivity tips from Tidied By K. Especially since I have been feeling rather unmotivated the past week!


  • The magnetic picture hangers have been a huge love of mine. Once we redecorate our living room, I am hanging a few posters using these hangers. Now I just have to find prints to hang…
  • These declutter mistakes are great tips to help you when you are spring declutter cleaning!
  • I am loving these seat poofs! They are like the best for your feet or your seat! Ha…see what I did there?!?!
  • My sweet friend Laura shared her secrets to meal planning success and I am loving them!
  • Cindyology is one of my favorite TikTokers to follow. She has so many folding tutorials, it makes folding anything easy!
  • I am finally pulling my plants out so they can get some sunlight and not be shocked by the cold. I am loving these stools to use as plant stands!
  • Have you tried this cereal box hack? We don’t have room for cereal boxes (we have to use containers) so I have no idea if it actually works!
  • These tips on spring decluttering are great! Especially since I need to go through all our stuff to get things organized!
  • I am loving these tips for how to set up an office printing station. Because that paper and supplies for a printer should be tidy!
  • When I was in high school, this lip balm was all the rage. Maybe it was just for me, but whatever. I found it again and I am still as obsessed with it as I was back then!


These tips on how to create a productive day may seem obvious, but to simulate a commute honestly sounds like a great idea. I have been in a morning routine funk recently and I think following these tips may help!

Happy Saturday To You


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