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Saturday Thoughts

This week The Organized Mama is sharing her thoughts from the week, favorite finds, and the best stuff from bloggers this week!

Random thoughts on this rainy Saturday…

  1. My workbook launched this week! I am so excited about it because it is something I have been working on (and my graphic designer has been working on) for the past few months! Years ago I created this workbook when I was going into people’s homes. I used it as a tool to help my client’s declutter. And out of the blue, an old client emailed me asking for another copy because she misplaced hers. So I decided I would revamp the workbook with the help of my incredible graphic designer! And now it is out for the world!! You can get the workbook where you print it yourself here. Or you can preorder the bound version here.
  2. The Organized Kids shared ways to put away laundry! This video is going to help your kids do laundry on their own! And you can read the tips I have for you here.
  3. I also tackled 10 ways you can store bulk or extra items that you can read about here. Or watch here.
  4. And I wrote about how to color coordinate your closet that you can read about here.
  5. We had like a really nice week until it started to rain. And now I am in full spring cleaning mode. Because when I start spring cleaning, spring will come, right?!?!

And now?

Let’s see what fun stuff I found this week!

linen closet with baskets and white towels

I absolutely love this linen closet from Jen Woodhouse! It is just both beautiful and functional.

linen closet with baskets and rolled towels

This linen closet from Honey Bear Lane is absolutely perfect…plus she used the KonMari method to get it all organized!

linen closet with towels, baskets and jars to hold items on wire shelves

And this linen closet has beautifully folded towels and jars for products, which I love from Craving Some Creativity.

linen closet with wire shelves and clear bins with towels

And of course I had to share this linen closet from the Creativity Exchange! I love the labels!


  • I always love organizing items that will help the kids stay organized, so these wooden toy storage bins from Target and amazing!
  • These closet tips are amazing!
  • My incredible friend Riche has a new series on Real Simple’s YouTube channel about designing outdoor spaces. You can watch it here.
  • You know I cannot have a clear counter, but this tray from Target is a great option for keeping counter items contained and still look pretty!
  • I loved these laundry room organizing tips!
  • This organizing a pull-out freezer TikTok is my favorite!
  • I have this rug outside our front and back door and it has been the best to keep leaves and other stuff from coming in!
  • Have you watched Magnolia Table yet? I am loving watching Jo cook! It’s so relaxing!
  • These acrylic stacking drawers are absolutely perfect for organizing under your bathroom sink or in drawers!


I love these questions asked by Kenika over on Instagram about decluttering! Watch and learn!!

Happy Saturday To You


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