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4 Tips To Creating A Front Walkway Garden

Try these 4 tips to create a beautiful front walkway garden on a budget! These tips will help anyone, regardless of your gardening skill level.

4 Tips To Creating A Front Walkway Garden

As spring turned into summer, we realized that we needed to spruce up the curb appeal of our home.  When we moved in, there was a lot of dead plants and shrubs that we decided to clean up right away.  We didn’t want to be known as the neighbors who didn’t keep up their home!  Everything was over-grown, dying or not well groomed.

Creating Front Walkway Garden

Where To Start

We cleaned up the area under the front windows by removing all of the over-growth, trimming the wild rose bushes, and taking out the dead shrubs.  We also have a nice patch of dirt in our walking up to the front door, but the dirt was so dry that nothing could grow in it.

Also, that bush was dead from bunnies burying themselves underneath.  As you can see, not a lot of color.  I really wanted our gardens to pop with vibrant colors and really make a statement.  I decided that this year I would focus on the patch of dirt coming up to our front door.  I would add on to this next spring by focusing on the garden under our front windows along with maintaining the walkway garden.  

To begin, we removed the bush that was dead from the bunnies.  My husband and mother did most of the work in removing this bush.It took them forever to dig this thing up.  It ended up coming out late at night with me holding the flashlight as they are digging this giant root up.


Front Walkway Garden

Getting Our Planning On

Once that was out, I had a clean slate to start planning how I wanted to set up our little garden.  I knew I wanted some perennials and some annuals and wanted to space them out within the space so I would have nice coverage.

We have a Home Depot close to our house, so I made the trip over to their gardening department.  I was looking for color so I took a flat bed and started to lay out different types of plants and colors.  

Once I found a grouping that looked good, I got some top soil and came home to start planting.  I started by setting up the flowers in the soil until I found an arrangement that I was happy with.  Then I started digging, planting and adding top soil.  Once everything was in, I made sure to water to help the plants settle into the soil.  And what I was left with was this…

Front Walkway Garden

Because we did all the work, I learned a thing or two about gardening, what works, and how you can do this on a budget!

1. Start With A Clean Slate

My first suggestion is to start with a clean slate.  That means that you should get everything out of your garden that you don’t plan on keeping BEFORE you even start planning or buying anything.  This will help you from spending money on things that don’t look good together or won’t grow together.

For us, I made sure to get the entire front bed of our garden completely empty.  Once everything was cleared out, I was able to see how much space we had.  I was also able to turn the dirt to make sure that we had good dirt everywhere in the flower bed, rather than just patches of good dirt.

Front Walkway Garden

2. Know Your Garden

Our front of our home gets a ton of sun.  I have watched it throughout the day to make sure, but there is really no shade.  I also knew that I needed more dirt, as the remaining dirt was dry and patchy.  Because I spent time analyzing our garden, I was able to make decisions easier because I had taken time to study how much sun the garden gets and how the dirt was looking!

3. Make A Plan

After I did some observations of our front garden, I went to Home Depot to get flowers.  I laid them out on a flatbed to see how they would look together.  I took pictures of arrangements that I liked together to make it easier for when it came time to plant.  And I only looked for “full sun” flowers, since that is how our garden is.

Front Walkway Garden

4. Trial And Error

Finally, when in doubt, just try it out!  I have tried a bunch of different flowers in different places around the house and have come to find that specific flowers do well in certain areas.  But the only way I figured this out is because I used trial and error.  I have killed a ton of flowers, but I have also created beautiful gardens… sometimes in the front and sometimes in the back.  But each spring, I get better with my gardening skills!



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