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Your life is full of chasing littles, running errands, and never-ending-to-do-lists.  You want to keep order in your home so you can enjoy time with your family and friends.  You find yourself starting organizing projects but just aren’t able to finish, so the projects just keep piling up… and you are overwhelmed.

You know you can have that Pinterest-worth home; organized with beautiful baskets, labels, and shelf liner!  You want to be able to take those Instagram-worthy pics of a job well done after you completed organizing that pantry, office, or kids bedroom!  You know you can keep up an organized home because it makes you happy!

organizing a pantry

What if you could have a hand to hold, a buddy, to keep you accountable in finishing all those organizing projects you started and are just dying to finish? What if that accountability partner was a professional organizer who could help you when you get stuck? Give you tips for maintaining your beautiful, organized home?

Clear The Clutter Accountability Network

The Clear The Clutter Accountability Network is a 4-week buddy system where I, The Organized Mama, am your virtual buddy to get 1-2 areas of your home completely organized!!  You’ll be able to ask me questions, get my advice, and have access to all my tips!

toy organizer IKEA bench tutorial

With the Clear The Clutter Accountability Network, you also get:

  • A network of other like-minded people who want to get their homes organized
  • Access to professional organizer, The Organized Mama
  • Virtual hand to hold to actually complete those organizing projects you know you can do
  • Custom labels (6 large or 12 small foil sticker labels)
  • Support to get your home organized by fall
  • TONS of giveaways throughout the 4 weeks with brands I love

The Clear The Clutter Accountability Network starts running from Monday, July 31 until Sunday, August 27. During that time, we will tackle 1-2 organizing projects with weekly check-ins and access to any questions or advice you need!  Plus you will get custom labels and tons of support.  All for only $35.00!!

Sign up closes July 30 at midnight, so don’t miss this opportunity to actually finish those organizing projects you started… and all before school starts!

The Clear The Clutter Accountability Network is structured so you can go at your own pace. Complete one large project or a few smaller projects. Going on vacation? We can plan around your trip to ensure you complete that organizing project. Because the Accountability Network works around your schedule, you can work on projects during naptime, bedtime, weekends. It doesn’t have to be a set time!

oils organization turntable

Still hesitant to get your home organized?  Shoot me an email and we can chat! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have to see if the Clear The Clutter Accountability Network is right for you!

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