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Your life is full of chasing kiddos, running errands, and never-ending-to-do-lists.  You want to keep order in your home so you can enjoy time with your family and friends.  You find yourself starting organizing projects but just aren’t able to finish, so the projects just keep piling up… and you are overwhelmed.

You know you can have that Pinterest-worth home; organized with beautiful baskets, labels, and shelf liner!  You want to be able to take those Instagram-worthy pics of a job well done after you completed organizing that pantry, office, or kids bedroom!  You know you can keep up an organized home because it makes you happy!

Teaching kids how to declutter their items is an important task to instill in them, especially when they are young. Professional Organizer shares her tips! #organized #declutter #toys

What if you could have a hand to hold, a buddy, to keep you accountable in finishing all those organizing projects you started and are just dying to finish? What if that accountability partner was a professional organizer who could help you when you get stuck? Give you tips for maintaining your beautiful, organized home?

Clear The Clutter Accountability Network

The Clear The Clutter Accountability Network’s main goal is to help you get more organized by holding you accountable for your organizing projects!

The Three Main Components of The Clear The Clutter Accountability Network:

1. Access to our private community of individuals who want to get their homes organized!! Individuals from all walks of life sharing one goal… to get organized by holding each other accountable.

2. Facebook Live sessions every week day on different topics to help you focus on organizing! PLUS a Q & A session every week! Live sessions means you can ask questions or comment on the spot for instant support.

3. Monthly in-depth master classes on topics that you are struggling with! I break down every step I use when doing an in-home organizing session!

Need help getting organized? Try these tips for how to get yourself organized for the new year from productivity specialists! #organized #newyear

You will also get instant access to:

*giant collection of organizing printables

*a digital copy of The Ultimate Organizing Workbook ($19.99 value)

*digital copy of my Where To Donate All Your Stuff ebook ($2.99 value)

*digital copy of Spring Cleaning ebook ($9.99 value)


$9.99 a month :: Cancel Anytime

Can’t wait to see you inside!!

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