How To Set Up A Creation Station For Kids

How To Set Up A Creation Station For Kids

I am a huge advocate for art for young children. We have had a creation station in our home since my son was a baby. It started out in our mud room because it was completely tiled floors. I had a space for Play-Doh, paints, stamps, markers, you name it, we had it!...

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The Organized Mama is an organizing and home decorating blog based out of the Chicagoland area. With a focus on helping families get crafty and organized, I believe that order and creativity can promote joy, even when doing the most daily and basic tasks!





Redesigning Main Floor Bathroom

I am doing it again... the One Room Challenge. It might be because I am totally lacking projects (not!), or because I can't stand to look at this unfinished space any longer. But I decided to participate in the One Room Challenge and will be totally redesigning main...

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DIY: Organizing A Preschool Boy Bedroom

Does it ever feel like your kids are growing up faster than you are ready for? For me, my babies aren't babies anymore.  They are both in big-kid beds.  And I cannot believe how quickly that went. What doesn't feel like that long ago, I shared my son's nursery.  Then...

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