How To Organize Laundry Room with Unique Features

How To Organize Laundry Room with Unique Features

Not every laundry room is created the same. Some laundry rooms I have organized are large, with ample space to store everything from cleaning supplies to laundry items. While other laundry rooms have unique features that can make keeping the space organized...

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Meet Jessica

The Organized Mama is an organizing and home decorating blog based out of the Chicagoland area. With a focus on helping families get crafty and organized, I believe that order and creativity can promote joy, even when doing the most daily and basic tasks!




How To Store Holiday Decorations The KonMarie Way

Getting your home all decked out for the holiday season is probably one of favorite things about winter. Well, probably the only thing I like about winter! When it comes time to take everything down and store for the following year, it can become super time consuming...

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Greenery Greeting Card With Colorful Arrows

The Organized Mama is all about organizing a handmade home.  So crafting ties right into the handmade part of what The Organized Mama is all about... organizing and crafting! With handmade crafts comes greeting cards.  Because adding a personal touch to anything you...

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How To Create Decorative Planner Clips

Have I told you how crazy my planner has gotten this past month?  Like crazy out-of-control. With the kids schedules, my schedule, and writing posts, things have gotten nuts.  And it totally shows in my planner. I am still using my color-coded system to help keep some...

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How To Create A Pop-Up Card

Being trapped indoors on these cold, winter days has gotten me inspired to create a lot more than I typically do in warmer months.  I think it's because I would rather be cozy inside than running around in the freezing temperature with the kids. And, one thing I have...

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