The Easiest Way To Create Hand Lettered Labels

The Easiest Way To Create Hand Lettered Labels

I absolutely love hand lettered labels. I think they just add a personal touch to any organizing project. Plus, labels help you stay organized once you have decluttered your entire space. But you don't need to spend a ton of time on creating the hand lettered labels!...

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Meet Jessica

The Organized Mama is an organizing and home decorating blog based out of the Chicagoland area. With a focus on helping families get crafty and organized, I believe that order and creativity can promote joy, even when doing the most daily and basic tasks!




How To Organize Kids Beads

Are your kiddos obsessed with all those bead kits? Or do they love making charm bracelets? The storage options that come with them are never ideal for organizing or storing! I honestly despise most of them because they never come with lids. And don't even get me...

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Effective Paper Clutter Solutions

Recently I have had a lot of clients ask for help organize all their papers that are coming home from school. There is also the bills and mail... you know, the regular paper clutter that piles up on the kitchen counters. It gets really old after a while to...

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How To Transform A Basement Into A Guest Room

Having guests in our house can seem like a lot of people in a small space.  Our house is by no means small, but we only have 3 bedrooms, all of which are being occupied.  So when my parents come to visit, we have to make room for them somewhere in the house.  Well,...

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Home Tour: Our Dining Room

As we continue on the home tour, we move into the dining room.  I really love this space because it's open to the living room and play room so lots of things can go all at once and you don't feel cramped within a confined space. Our buffet was purchased from Crate and...

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