I am sure you have heard the news about Instagram. They are no longer going to be a photo sharing app. Instead they are focusing on four “priorities”, as they called them. Those “priorities” include video, shopping, creators, and messaging. But what does that actually mean? How is this going to affect the organizing industry, since everything we do is so visual? What can we, as organizing experts, do to continue our marketing efforts? Instead of throwing your phone away, why not try some of these strategies to build your organizing business on Instagram!

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#1: Make Reels

I know this one is obvious. Since that is the direction Instagram wanted to go. They want to compete with apps like TikTok. So what you need to do is create Reels.

Now not everyone loves putting their face on camera. I get it! So I have a few ideas to help you. Just download my freebie below!


#2: IGTV

Again since Instagram wants to stay in the video realm, bumping up your IGTV videos makes sense. What has worked for me is doing tutorials via IGTV. I will showcase how to organize a specific area on my phone. Then I will turn that into an IGTV video. You can showcase your hands and voice in the video if you don’t want to show your face on camera.

#3: Stories

Yup, stories aren’t going anywhere. So what you can do is start sharing more! Again you can do before and after where you aren’t showing your face. You are walking the follower through your process of organizing. Share other people’s content via stories as well.

#4: Go Live To Build Organizing Business

Another thing to do is to go Live on your Instagram account. During your lives you could chat about organizing. Ask your audience questions. Walk through an organizing tutorial. Or partner up with another organizer!

I know going live can seem scary. But try it at least 3 times. If you don’t like it, at least you tried! I always have a few talking points so I have a plan. That way you don’t feel frazzled when you are live.

#5: Keep Posting Photos

So the photos aren’t going away. And I think a lot of people forget that. Instagram’s goal is to be a video platform but they aren’t going to ding you for sharing photos. So keep posting! Your audience can still search for you to see your feed. Instagram just said they aren’t going to be promoting the feed posts. But they are still going to be there!

#6: Create A Shop Page

Since Instagram wants to be “shoppable”, it may benefit you to join affiliate programs. Then you can create a store via your Facebook page. Once you do that, you can create shoppable images on your feed. 

I found this article really helpful in setting up a shop page.

#7: Use Other Social Media Apps

Now I am sure you are asking yourself why this is on the list to build your organizing business on Instagram, but hear me out. 

You can use other social media apps for sharing your Instagram content. Are you resharing your Instagram post to Facebook? Are you pinning those posts to Pinterest? What about TikTok? YouTube? 

Since there are so many other social media apps out there, why not try sharing your content from Instagram to those other platforms. You may find your ideal client is hanging out somewhere other than Instagram!

#8: Build A Network Of Organizing Experts

When I first started my organizing business, I didn’t seek out finding organizing friends. Instead I just did the work. I quickly learned that you need a network of people to help you when things get challenging. When clients’ expectations aren’t what you expected. And just someone else who understands what it is like doing what we do.

So reach out to other organizers. It is easy to find the on Instagram. Message them. Comment on their stuff. Try to do a collaboration with them. Maybe do a live where you both talk about organizing!

#9: Be An Organizing Educator

Instagram is focusing on messaging, and that usually means they want education. So when you post, think about how you can educate your audience on topics you are an expert in. 

Love pantry organizing, give a tip to help your followers. 

Playrooms are your jam? Share ways to teach kids how to organize.

Remember that you are the expert, so you can share tips with every post!

#10: Creator Account

From what I know, switching your account from a business account to a creator account means you get better music choices for your Reels. But it also means that making your page shoppable is out of the question. Also most scheduling apps need your account to be a business account. 

So what should you do?

Well this is a decision you have to make. For me, I like the music I get with the creators account. That means I can use the music in my reels so I don’t have to talk in each of them. And since Instagram is focusing on creators, there could be a boost for anyone with a creator account. Only time will tell with this one.

#11: Join The Organizing Experts Mastermind

Another way to build your organizing business on Instagram is to join the Organizing Experts Mastermind. Each week the group discusses topics that will help you market your organizing business. We cover all social media platforms, hear from other organizing experts, and support each other. 

Join The Organizing Experts Mastermind for only $27!

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#12: Don’t Take Marketing Too Seriously

This is my biggest piece of advice to you. Don’t take your marketing efforts too seriously. Because social media apps change constantly. There is no need to be frustrated. Things always change. 

Instead, focus on writing to your ideal client. Find that one person you can help. When you create marketing material for that one person, the rest will find you. 

So showcase your personality. That way the clients know who they will be meeting when you walk into their homes. No surprises!

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