Burlap and Floral Spring Wreath Tutorial

Apr 8, 2016 | Crafts

I love adding decoration to the house for whatever holiday it may be.  But, since there isn’t a good holiday that is close, I decided I would decorate for spring!

I created this burlap and paper flower spring wreath, that is currently being used to brighten up our pantry door!  It adds a nice pop of color to our entry way and living area.  (I know it’s totally weird that our pantry isn’t in the kitchen, but that’s why we are remodeling our kitchen this summer!!)

Spring Wreath Supplies




1. Wrap burlap garland around the styrofoam wreath.  I started to wrap the wreath at an angle to make sure there was minimal bunching of the burlap.

Wrapping Burlap

2. Once burlap garland is fully wrapped around wreath, attach the small pin into the back to hold the burlap together.

3. If using a cutting machine, cut out your flower pattern.

4. Attach flowers using the decorative brad fasteners, but don’t open the fasteners.

5. Push fasteners with the flowers on them into the burlap wreath.

Attaching Flowers

6. Continue to put the fastener flowers all around the wreath.

7. Fluff up the flowers to give them some dimension.

Spring Flower Wreath

8. If you want to add more pazazz, you can add a bunting banner!

9. Either cut the remaining burlap into a banner or use a pre-cut banner.

10. Using your sharpie, write one letter per piece of bunting banner.

11. Attach bunting to wreath using brad fasteners.

12. Take the twine, and wrap around the top of the wreath.

13. Tie twine together and hang at desired length.

Burlap and Floral Spring Wreath Tutorial

I am loving how bright and colorful the spring wreath is!  It is a rather easy project that you can complete in under an hour if you are cutting out your flowers and bunting.  If you have everything pre-cut, the entire project should take about 15 minutes!

So grab your materials and get crafty!



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