The Organized Mama Gets Crafty: Making Boxes Look Like Bricks

Oct 21, 2014 | Crafts

For Eli’s second birthday, we had a construction themed party that you can read about here!  Well, one thing we wanted to do to make his party feel special was create bricks for the kids to build and knock down.  I know you can buy pre-made building blocks from Amazon, but I really didn’t want to spend a ton on one activity for his party.  So I decided to make them!

First thing I did was collect boxes from friends and neighbors.  You would be surprised by the amount of boxes people get and are willing to give you!

Once I got enough boxes, I taped them closed using packaging tape.  (I actually ran out and had to use Duct Tape on the rest and would not recommend that as the paint did not stick to the Duct Tape as well as it did to the packaging tape.)

Then I painted the boxes using white and red paint.  I was thinking the white painted boxes could like like concrete cinder blocks and the red boxes would look like brick.

Making Boxes Look Like BricksOnce the paint dried, I started to draw on the boxes to make them look like stacked bricks.

First I drew a few lines going the long way on the box in a thick sharpie marker and a ruler to make sure the lines were straight.  I didn’t want to make them look too perfect as they are suppose to look like bricks!

Making Boxes Look Like BricksThen I drew lines going down to make the outline of the bricks.  I stagered the lines to make the bricks look like they are piled up like they would be on a building.

Making Boxes Look Like BricksFinally, I rounded the corners of the bricks.

Making Boxes Look Like BricksMaking Boxes Look Like Bricks

To add one last touch, I decided to take an old sponge paintbrush and a stamp pad to round the corners of the bricks, making them look more authentic.Making Boxes Look Like BricksNow I did this on like a dozen boxes, but they turned out perfect and I couldn’t have been more excited about them!

Making Boxes Look Like Bricks

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