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Tutorial For Creating Your Own Custom Chalkboard Labels

An easy tutorial for creating your own custom chalkboard labels instead of buying the basic, pre-made labels. This easy step-by-step tutorial walks you through how to make your own labels.

If you’ve been a reader here for a while, you know I LOVE labels!  Like, I have everything labeled in our home.  The fridge and freezer have labels.  All the kids things have labels.  Our mud room is totally labeled.  But buying labels can get rather pricey.  Especially if you like certain types of labels, such as chalkboard labels.

I love chalkboard labels for things that I switch out frequently.  Things in our pantry and kitchen are typically labeled with chalkboard labels.  Because I change out the containers with different snacks weekly, I need labels that can easily change with whatever I put in them.

But finding really quality labels can be a challenge.  I love the Martha Stewart Chalkboard Labels, but they do wear out easily.  So I tested out a few things and figured out a way to make my own chalkboard labels!  Seriously, it is incredibly easy to make your own labels.

Tutorial For Creating Chalkboard Labels



1. Measure the bin you are creating the label for.

2. Cut chalkboard cardstock to size of label for the bin.  Get as fancy as you like!

3. Decorate using your white permanent marker.  I love adding dots or doodles to add some spunk to the labels.

Making Chalkboard Labels

4. Using your Xyron Creative Station Lite with either permanent or temporary sticker insert, run the label through the machine.

5. Remove sticker from the Creative Station Lite.

Adding Chalkboard Labels to Bins

6. Attach label to bin you want to label.  Make sure to rub the label onto the bin so it is completely secure.

7. Using either your chalk markers or regular chalk, label your bin.

Chalkboard Label On Bin

8. Fill bin with goodies.

9. Repeat until your entire home is labeled!  But only if you want to!

Rectangle Chalkboard Label

It is so incredibly easy to create chalkboard labels!  Just grab your Xyron Creative Station Lite, Chalkboard Cardstock, Scissors, and the bins you want to label.  Cut out labels to fit your bins.  Then, run the labels through the Creative Station.  Attach the sticker to your bin, label using chalk or chalk marker.  And you have created your own, custom chalkboard labels!

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