It is week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and I feel like I just keep chipping away at all the projects I have planned for this space. My first project was to hang bay window curtains. It had been over a year since we finished renovation on the first floor, so I just needed to bite the bullet and actually figure out how to hang bay window curtains.

A little backstory on these bay windows… we weren’t able to hang blinds because the middle window is so large that there was no way to get them to hang and actually stay up. So we decided on curtains. And since the window is so large, finding a curtain rod and curtains was a challenge. But we have an easy way to hang that will make any space look lovely!

Last week I shared my design plans, now this week I have gotten to work on one large project…

Have an oversized bay window? Try these tricks for hanging bay window curtains and curtain rods when nothing else will work! #baywindow #DIY #curtains

How To Hang Bay Window Curtains On An Oversized Window

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Hanging Curtains Tips

Measure Your Space

I know what you are thinking… duh, of course I have to measure. But I am talking about measuring like 10-24 times before you are sure of the exact length. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration but alas if you want to get window treatments for bay windows you want them to be the right fit! Especially if you are making them.

We measured the full window, along with measuring corner to corner. We ended up having to go with three rods to create the illusion of a bay window curtain rod.

Have an oversized bay window? Try these tricks for hanging bay window curtains and curtain rods when nothing else will work! #baywindow #DIY #curtains

Go Rod To Rod

Since the window is extra large, we needed three separate rods. We found these beauties at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

We measured again, and decided where to hang the rods. We installed them rod to rod. It was incredibly tricky, but thanks to my amazing husband and a laser level, we got the rods to line up.

We started with the side window. Then moved to the oversized window. The last window was tough because my husband is left handed, so the laser kept getting blocked by his hand!

Hanging Curtains

Since the bay window is oversized, I used ring clips to hang the curtains. This will make it easy to open and close the curtains without having them get bunched up or tug on the curtain rod.

bay window curtains

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Add Fabric

Since I knew the exact pattern I wanted on the curtains, finding the exact sizes was difficult. We finally decided to just add fabric to the curtains to make sure they covered the entire window.

I found this amazing print and just knew I had to have it! It was the perfect addition to the space since I was going for a blue/purple color scheme.

Now these two chairs are not going to stay in near the bay window curtains, but I do love how the patterns really play well with each other!

bay window curtains

Next up is to paint the fire place and mantel! Can’t wait to say goodbye to the yellow/orange brick and hello to white!!

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Plus, we found this bubble that looks like water is coming in through the ceiling… so I have an unexpected project for this challenge!!

bay window curtains

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Have an oversized bay window? Try these tricks for hanging bay window curtains and curtain rods when nothing else will work! #baywindow #DIY #curtains

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