When it comes to home decor, I honestly try to make my own. I typically start with a base of something from a craft store. Like a frame, wood pallet, or even a picture frame. Then I try to create whatever vision is in my head.

I had this chalkboard that I bought on Decor Steals a while back. It actually came in a set of two. The second (bigger) one is hanging on my wall in the kitchen.

But this smaller one has had about 20 different “homes” around the house. I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to put it. Then, I got this gorgeous paper from DCWV for the Xyron Design Team and knew exactly what I wanted to turn that chalkboard into… A DIY farmhouse wall decor!

DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor

And this entire project will fit perfectly in my kitchen. On the counter top. Covering up a plug and the cord to our Alexa speaker. Boom!

DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor

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DIY Farmhouse Decor


Farmhouse Decor


1. Towards the back of the paper stack there are cards all on a few pieces of paper. Cut those cards out in both the large and small sizes.

2. Arrange the larger cards to fill the entire chalkboard space. Take a picture on your phone so you don’t forget where you put things!!

Xryon Creative Station

3. Run the cards through the Xyron Creative Station with removable refill.

4. Adhere cards on the chalkboard as you had planned.

5. Using the smaller cards, run through the Xyron Creative Station with removable refill.

How to make farmhouse decor

6. Adhere the small cards over the larger cards to create a quilt effect.

7. Cut out the flag from the paper in the back of the stack.

8. Cut the leather cord to fit inside the chalkboard that is now covered with paper.

9. Using the glue stick, cover the back top portion of the flag with glue.

Xyron Glue

10. Fold the flag over the leather cord.

11. Repeat until cord is full of flags.

12. Cut out three quote cards from the paper stack.

13. Run the quote cards through the Xyron Creative Station.

14. Place the end of the leather cord underneath one of the quote cards and adhere to the top corner of the chalkboard.

How To Make Farmhouse Wall Decor

15. Repeat for the other side so that the leather cord dangles inside the chalkboard.

16. Add the third quote to the top of the chalkboard, above the flags.

17. Set out, hang, or decorate your farmhouse home!

DIY Farmhouse Decor

So now I have this DIY farmhouse wall decor that is covering the cords in our kitchen!! Well, it is technically our dining room, but since it is a giant room it still counts as the kitchen, right??

Farmhouse Wall Decor

This paper stack is just beautiful and I am planning on using some of the floral prints for our living room. I am going to just keep them as is and hang them in our gallery wall. I’ll share more once I get around to actually doing this, so make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see all the updates!!

And, don’t forget to check out Xyron’s Facebook page for all the fun projects that the other design teamers created with these gorgeous DCWV paper stacks!