I just love creating fun prints to add to gallery walls around our house. I think the DIY aspect of creating prints give things a more home-y feel.

Plus, creating prints is so much easier than buying them because you can swap them out so quickly and not feel bad about it.

This month I am focusing on the play room, so I thought this would be the perfect project to create for the Imagine Crafts design team!

DIY hexagon print tutorial

I started with a cork board die cut I had lying around in my hoarding collection.

Since hexagons are totally in right now, I decided to use that as the base for my print. And, when I am over hexagons, I can easily change out the print and use it elsewhere… maybe a card or tag!

To create the stamp, I used this incredible product that turns anything into a stamp. It’s called Tack ‘N Peel. I just stuck a piece of that onto a stamp block and added my cork board die cut. But you can easily let your kids make a shape out of string or WikiStix and stamp away. It is like one of my favorite products right now!

I used a multi-colored stamp pad to cover the entire sheet of card stock with my newly created stamp.

After grabbing an empty frame I had lying around, I cut the paper to fit into the frame.

I added another cork board die cut to the paper to give it some dimension, and hung in the play room!

So, if you want the full step-by-step tutorial, head over to the Imagine Crafts blog!! I have a ton of pics for how I broke down each step.

I cannot wait to show you to completed gallery wall I added this frame too!

DIY hexagon print tutorial