The countdown to 2016 continues and we are only 19 days from 2016!  Kind of crazy to think about, but I am so excited to start fresh with a new year and new projects to accomplish!

As we continue the count down of The Organized Mama’s top posts of 2015, I am having a lot of fun going down memory lane.  I cannot believe all that was accomplished this past year.  We almost sold our home and almost bought a new home.  But, both deals fell through within a matter of 12 hours, which our realtor was in shock with how everything went down.  Then we decided to stay and remodel the kitchen (which will be taking place this summer)!!  And while all of this madness was going on, I continued to decorate our home.  So this weekends countdown is all about decorating our home in 2015!

I will be counting backwards to share some of our favorite and most popular posts with you that fall under the category of home decor.  I have always love decorating and have found it so much fun to share my love of decorating with you!  Hopefully I have taught you some tricks I have picked up or you just get inspired by what you see!  I honestly feel that there is no write or wrong way to decorate a space, as long as you are happy with how it looks and makes you feel!

Wide Play Room

5. Play Room

Our play room is one of my favorite rooms, so I had to share it again!  I just love how the space is so bright and open and cozy!  This room has evolved so much since we first moved in, that I think it is another reason why I love this space.  And, we play in this room all the time so I really enjoy all the memories that we have made within this room.  I am also incredibly proud that after almost three years, I finally made the bench cushions I have been talking about forever!!  I found an easy upholstering tutorial on YouTube and followed the steps that were shown.  I think the bench cushion turned out really nicely, and I am just happy to have that rather large project checked off my list!

4. Kitchen

Sharing about how to fall in love with your kitchen again was a crowd-pleaser!  When you are in a room a few times a day, every day, you start to get tired of that space.  By adding some personal touches, removing clutter from your counters, rearranging spaces to make them more accessible, and “shopping you house” for special items to add to the space, can all help you fall in love with your kitchen again!

Living Room

3. Living Room

Our living room has just recently felt like it is finished.  It took me a while to wrapping my head around how to decorate this space.  Since it is the first thing you see when you walk into our home, I wanted to make sure it felt inviting, yet functional.  I didn’t want to have a formal living area, because I hate having rooms in your home that you never use.  I want my rooms to be lived in, but still look pretty and stay organized.  I feel like I accomplished that goal with our living room!


2. Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is almost complete!  When I shared a peek into our master bedroom, we didn’t have a headboard for our bed.  We were just using three Euro pillows as a makeshift headboard.  When we finally decided on a headboard, I realized that the curtains I had picked didn’t match the headboard.  It actually looks really bad.  So now, I just need to find curtains for our windows, and I will be incredibly happy with this space.  I really love the Pottery Barn nightstands that we purchased.  By changing out the existing knobs with some we found at a local hardware store, I feel that the nightstands really pop, and add a touch of personality to our bedroom.


1.Our Home Tour

Our Home Tour is The Organized Mama’s most popular post of 2015!  I love that you all enjoy taking a peek into our home and seeing how we have decorated it and all of our projects we have done to make this house a home.  It is so fun looking back and seeing all that we have accomplished in the past 12 months.  I cannot believe how much we have transformed spaces to look and feel completely different than they did at the beginning of the year.  I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings, and all the new projects I will get to share with you.