So remember when I shared how I spruced up our living room by rearranging the space, adding some fun pillows, and buying some adorable chairs?  Well, there was something I didn’t share… I was missing an end table.  You couldn’t see it from the pictures I took, but on the other side of the couch I was missing a desperately needed end table. I have an end table in between our two chairs, and an end table on one side of the couch, but the other side was totally missing a table!

When we would have friends or family over, it was very obvious that we needed an end table to hold drinks at that end of the couch.  But I was struggling to find something that would work.  I found some end tables but they were too wobbly.  Another end table was way too delicate for my rambunctious household.  I was not looking to spend a ton of money on an end table, seeing as the kiddos destroy use the end tables we currently have frequently to drive their cars/trucks/trains/etc. all over them.

DIY End Table

I decided to scour the house in hopes of finding something that would work.  Well, low-and-behold, I found a forgotten about end table hiding in my son’s closet.  Yes, I do store random things in random places, but at the time I was planning on using that table in his bedroom.  Problem with this table was that I had already painted it a color that wasn’t totally going to work in the living room.

So, I would just paint this end table and it would be perfect, right?!?!  Wrong…I needed to add some character to this end table, because, why not!  I had an old tray I purchased from Target last summer that we used a few times for bringing drinks and food outside, but after careful measurements… and by careful measurements, I mean, setting the tray on the end table… it was a perfect fit!

End Table and Couch

Now I could create an end table with a tray and it would fit the space perfectly.  Because every living room should have an end table with a tray, right?  So, my end table and tray were old pieces I had lying around the house, but here is a similar round end table, and a similar tray.  Or you could always find one at a garage or estate sale!!

Tray Before

I got started on this project by sanding and cleaning both the tray and the end table.  I wanted to sand off some of the old paint so the new paint would stick better.  I washed the tray and end table using a damp rag.  Then, I wiped down both the tray and the end table.

Making sure everything was dry, I grabbed my paint and started painting everything the first coat.  I decided to paint everything a dark gray color in a chalk paint.  Since our home is more of a modern-farmhouse type of feel, I felt that the chalk paint would work well with this type of decor.  I used FolkArt Chalk Paint in Parisian Gray that I found at JoAnn Fabrics and Craft Store.  I made sure to use a small, 3 inch paint roller, along with a foam paint brush to get into the sides and the detail on the end table.

It took a day for the first coat to dry, but I might have used a little too much paint for this first coat!!  Then, I painted the second coat and waited for everything to dry.  Once the end table and tray were dry, I covered both with a clear sealant to finish and make a more matte look.  Then, I used wood glue to glue the tray to the end table once both items were completely dry.  And that was it!

Finished End Tabe

It is incredibly easy to create this DIY end table.  And it looks amazing in the space… But I am also incredibly happy to finally have an end table on the other end of the couch!!

End Table Close Upjpg

DIY End Table Tutorial

  1. Find end table and tray that are the same size.  I used round, but square or rectangle work as well.
  2. Prep both surfaces by sanding, priming, cleaning, or whatever is needed before you paint.
  3. Paint both end table and tray.
  4. Once paint is dry, use wood glue to attach tray to end table.
  5. Let glue dry and add nails if needed.
  6. Place in space and decorate!

End tablejpg

Get The Look

Get The Look End Table

  1. End Table
  2. Wood Tray
  3. Foam Brushes
  4. Wood Glue
  5. Three-Inch Paint Roller
  6. Chalk Paint in Parisian Grey