Does it ever feel like your kids are growing up faster than you are ready for?

For me, my babies aren’t babies anymore.  They are both in big-kid beds.  And I cannot believe how quickly that went.

What doesn’t feel like that long ago, I shared my son’s nursery.  Then we made the transition to a toddler bedroom, where he was in a little bed from his converted crib.

Then, last spring, we moved Eli into a full-sized bed. We took the back of the crib, and screwed in a basic bed frame because we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the converting kit since it was not being sold in stores anymore.

organizing a preschool boys bedroom diy

To start, we lined the bed frame up with the back of the crib.  Then, we drilled into the new headboard.  We got industrial screws to secure the headboard to the bed frame.  And, in the end, we spent a total of $18.00!

But, we moved up to Minnesota for the kitchen renovation, so the full bed wasn’t long-lived.

Since we have been back in our house, his bed was stuck against a wall along with all the furniture.  As I was organizing his drawers, I realized that needed to update the entire bedroom.

I started by moving all the furniture and did a major deep clean.

Drawer organization

Then, I tidied up his drawers and closets.  I use shoe boxes for all my drawer organization with the littles.  It helps so much to keep their clothes contained and makes it easy for them to find the exact shirt they are looking for without taking everything out of the drawer.

closet organization

In my son’s closet, we have built-in shelves.  On those shelves we have bins that hold his pajamas, boxers, and socks.  I love the colors of the bins because they go with his bedroom and are super sturdy!

All my son’s books are stored in his Storagepalooza from Land of Nod.  It is the perfect bookcase for us.  It holds most of his books and his Legos.  The bins are perfect to hold some of his cars and trucks he has worked on, while the top is the best place to display his finished creations.

Bookshelf preschool bedroom

The rest of his books are stored in his nightstand.  These are books that are large, make noise, or are more of a game.  I decided to separate them because when we pick books to read at night, it helps define what is a good bedtime book vs. a quiet time book.

The rest of the Legos are stored under his bed.  I used Creative Options portfolio storage to hold the Legos based on size.  This is how my son wanted to sort the Legos so I went with it.  Large pieces are in one container, and smaller pieces are in the other container.

Lego Storage Under Bed

I do envision us color-coding the parts soon, as he has started to do this already when searching for parts.  But we will tackle that one once we get more pieces!

I really love using under-the-bed storage for things like this because the kids can easily access the toys, but they are out of the way when you need them to be!

Now I am so happy with how his entire bedroom turned out!  Everything is organized and contained.  We can find everything and I don’t need to worry about loosing clothing because it is stored in the drawers and the closet shelves.

organizing a preschool boys bedroom diy