Labels are a girls best friend… ok maybe not. But I still love them! Besides giving everything a clear purpose, they can add a beautiful touch of decor to your space. That is why I love creating custom sticker labels because they are unique!!

For this post, I have partnered with and Spellbinders to showcase how easy it is to create custom sticker labels for any area of your home!

Learn how to make custom sticker labels in brigth colors!

How To Create Custom Sticker Labels

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materials spellbinders custom sticker label tutorial


Step One

Cut out the labels using the Spellbinders Die Cutting Machine. Create a “sandwich” with the blocks, paper, die cut, then top block. Run through the machine.

spellbinder die cut machine custom sticker labels

Step Two

Repeat this process for however many labels you need.

For this project, I cut out labels using the second to smallest size in white. Then I used the size up for the colored paper.

Step Three

Run the white paper through the Xyron Creative Station with permanent refill.

Create colorful custom sticker labels using the Xyron Creative Station and sticker refill.

Step Four

Adhere the white paper to the colored paper labels.

Step Five

Using the TomBow Dual Sided Pens, write on the white label. I used the same color pen as background paper.

Create custom sticker labels and label with TomBow dual brush pens!

Step Six

Run the label through the Xyron Creative Station again.

Step Seven

Adhere the label to the bin.

custom sticker labels on bin with ribbon inside

Step Eight

Repeat until all bins are labeled.

I love these labels because they are simple, yet unique. Plus they are the perfect custom sticker label since the die cut comes in a variety of sizes. You can create larger labels using the largest size. Or small labels using the smallest die cut.

If you are using these labels in a place where they might get wet, I would suggest getting the laminate and permanent adhesive refill for your Creative Station. It will help keep the labels in tack against the elements!!

How To Create Custom Sticker Labels