I love using trays in my home decor. I think they are easy to decorate and they are get for keeping things contained. Well, a while ago I had a client who had a bunch of old wooden trays that she wasn’t using, so she gave them to me. (I typically don’t take stuff from clients, but these were too good to pass up!) I decided to use one tray to decorate using adorable paper from Teresa Collins!

How To Create A Decorative Tray Using Paper

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Step 1

Find some adorable paper from the Teresa Collins Floral Market paper stack. I am using the marble paper and the pink polka dots for this project, but there are soooo many amazing options to choose from!

Step 2

Cut the paper that is going in the base of the tray to size. I laid the paper inside the tray, then marked where I needed to cut. I used a paper cutter to cut the paper straight.

Step 3

Run the paper through the Xyron Creative Station with permanent adhesive refill.

Step 4

Adhere the paper to the inside of the tray.

Step 5

Cut another piece of paper to fit around the outside of the tray. I used the pink polka dots. To start I marked where I needed to cut on strip of paper. Then I used that strip as the template for the remaining paper.

Step 6

Run all the strips through the Xyron Creative Station with permanent adhesive refill.

Step 7

Adhere the strips to the outside of the tray. I had to wrap the paper around the corners to make sure it was smooth.

Step 8

Add any detail to the tray. Teresa Collins makes some of the cutest embellishments, so it would be adorable to add some sequin or glitter to the tray as well!

Now set out and enjoy! This tray is perfect for setting out and decorating all year round! I added some fresh flowers and some books to the tray in our living room. It just makes the space feel super cozy!

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