I am just loving our kitchen.  Even with all the craziness of renovation, I am still glad we did it.  We were able to get our exact kitchen we wanted!

And, since I am pretty much decorating the kitchen part of the space (I still need to figure out curtains), I wanted to create something that would decorate the space without having to be permanent.

I decided on creating DIY tea towels to have near the sink.  We don’t have a place to store them, so they just hang over the sink.  I actually really like it because the kids can easily grab them to wipe themselves without asking me to help.

I started this entire process by running to Joann Craft Store to get some tea towels.  After washing and ironing, I used a stencil and ink to create arrows.

Once the ink dried, I ran the towels through the washing machine.

Arrow Tea Towel DIY

The full tutorial is over at the Imagine blog, so head over there to see all the materials I used and the step-by-step tutorial to create these adorable tea towels!

It is a really easy and inexpensive way to add color and decor to your kitchen without having to do a whole lot.  That way, you can change these tea towels out for the holidays.  Just grab some Easter or Passover stencils for the upcoming holiday and use the same technique I shared in the tutorial.

Now I have decorative tea towels to use in our new kitchen, and I just love how they look in our kitchen!  The colors totally fit the decor.Save