With summer in full swing, it is totally time to think about back-to-school…(insert large eyeball emoji).

I know it sounds so crazy to think of back-to-school in mid-July, but us bloggers always like to get a head start on things!!  AND a bunch of incredible bloggers are doing this thing called Craft Lightning. We are all sharing 15 minutes or less crafting projects for Back-To-School, so it makes sense that we start crafting up some goodies in July!

Plus, this DIY Kids Desk Caddy is perfect for art stations, travel, or just as an adorable desk organizer for yourself! Totally versatile!

DIY kids desk caddy

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materials DIY kids desk caddy tutorial


Caddy Tutorial

1. Select a word you are going to add to the caddy. A child’s name, a word, whatever! I decided on “CREATE” because I love inspiring creativity!

DIY kids desk caddy stamping letters

2. Using your wooden letters, cover each individual letter in the chalk ink.

DIY kids desk caddy stamping create letters

3. Once letters are dry, hot glue them onto the caddy.

hot glue DIY kids desk caddy

4. Let caddy dry.

Insert Tutorial

1. While caddy is drying, cut the small box so it is at the height of the caddy.

caddy insert DIY kids desk caddy

2. Cut fabric to cover the box. I used a dish rag material fabric I had left over in my scrap fabrics.

3. Either run the fabric through your Xyron Creative Station, then adhere fabric to box. -or- Hot glue fabric to box.

DIY kids desk caddy insert

4. Stick insert into caddy and adhere bottom using hot glue.

5. Fill caddy with all the art/desk/writing goodies you can find!

And just like that you have a DIY kids desk caddy, perfect for your homework station, art station, desk organizer, or whatever else you want to use it for!

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