Anyone have kids who love Legos??  Mine have been obsessed with building things for a while now. My oldest loves putting the sets together, while my daughter loves to build tall towers.

Since they became obsessed with Legos, I created a Lego storage system for lazy moms (like myself) to help keep things organized without a ton of effort!!

But the one thing we were missing were those boards for you to build on. You know, the ones that are flat and you can create whatever you want on it.  Like super tall towers and buildings and covering the entire board with all the same color pieces.

So I bought one. But it didn’t get filled up like I thought it would because the kiddos kept moving that one board all over the house and nothing would stay on it because it was so bendy.

After all the crying about towers falling over, I decided we needed a Lego table.

DIY Lego-Compatible Table Tutorial

And in comes Creative QT Lego-Compatible Peel n’ Stick Baseplates! These bad boys are perfect for you to build your own DIY Lego-compatible table!

I decided to use a lap tray floor desk and turn it into a portable Lego-compatible table!

DIY Lego-Compatible Table Materials

Tutorial For DIY Lego-Compatible Table:

1. Start by removing one of the Peel n’ Stick baseplates and placing it to the far left corner of the lap tray.

DIY Lego-Compatible Table Peel N' Stick Creative QT

2. Place a second baseplate near the one that is adhered to the lap tray and find a good spot to cut the baseplate.

3. Using a sharp scissors, cut straight across the baseplate.

DIY Lego Compatible Table Cutting Baseplates

4. Adhere to the remaining part of the lap tray.

5. Fill with Legos and enjoy!

DIY Lego Table Portable Tutorial

I used the remaining baseplates to cover the tops of the storage boxes I used to store the Legos. I wanted to give the kids another way to play with the baseplates that was easily accessible!

Portible Lego Box For Lego Storage

Since these baseplates do not require glue, it is not recommended to stick these directly on a wall or on a table that you’d eventually want to use without the baseplates!!  The adhesive is incredibly durable!

creative ways to store and play with Legos

So grab a lap tray and some Lego-Compatible Peel n’ Stick Baseplates and get to creating!


This post was in promotional partnership with Creative QT. All ideas and thoughts are my own, as I truly believe in these products!