I love adding handmade touches to our home. Whether that be a handmade sign, decorative banner, or homemade pillowcases, I am all about giving my home a special touch!

So when my daughter asked for a pillow for her comfy chair, I decided we would make one together!

I found adorable stencils from Stencil Girl! They have all sorts of unique patterns and stencils to create one-of-a-kind crafts!

This project is perfect to do with young children! I would recommend taping the stencil to the fabric prior to letting them color. This will help keep the stencil in place. I just used painter’s tape and it worked for a 3 year old!

DIY Stencil Pillow Tutorial


DIY Stencil Pillow Fabrico Stencil Girl


1. Start by ironing the flour sack towel.

2. Measure the ironed towel to the size desired. Tape off the section you are going to be stenciling on.

3. Either hold the stencil in place or use painter’s tape to hold the stencil.

4. Fill the stencil in using the Fabrico markers. Make sure to switch up colors to ensure a colorful pattern!

5. Wipe off the stencil before moving to the next spot on the fabric. I just used a baby wipe.

6. Hold the stencil down or tape stencil and fill in with markers.

7. Repeat until the entire area for pillow is covered.

8. Pin the towel to the size of the pillow you are creating.

9. Sew pillow. For newbies to sewing, pin the pillow on with the stencil side on the inside. Sew around the outside of the pillow leaving a small, fist-size opening. Flip the pillow inside out (it should be facing the correct side. Then follow the remaining steps!

10. Fill pillow with batting.

11. Sew up opening.

12. Fluff and display!

DIY stencil pillow final

I love that my daughter could help with creating a stenciled pillow for her chair! Because the Fabric markers are acid-free, I am fine with her using them. The markers wash off of skin with a lot of soap and a little scrubbing… she may or may not have drawn on herself when I wasn’t looking!!

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