The entire month of January I am using to get myself organized for the year!  I am working on the Get Organized Challenge to organize categories of my home.  And I have been setting up my planner to keep my schedules organized.

I always love the starting the new year off on an “organized foot”.  This is the first year that I am strictly focusing on setting up my systems in the month of January.  That is the only goal I am focusing on.  Well that, and starting monthly date nights again!

Because 2016 was super crazy with the kitchen renovation, I needed to start 2017 off fresh.  I wanted to get the house put back together.  I wanted to create routines and systems to help my family function.  And I didn’t want to stress about everything… I wanted a flow.

I decided to create my own planner this year.  And with creating my own planner, I decided to create my own stickers and washi tape.  I thought it would be fun to try it out and customize a planner that is everything I need!!  We shall see how this goes!

I love using washi tape in my planners because it is an easy way to separate things without just drawing a line.  I think it gives my planner some color without trying too hard!

I am over on Imagine’s blog sharing a tutorial for creating DIY Washi Tape!

This is a rather easy way to add some color to your planner, cards, or scrapbooks without spending a ton of money!

Just take some tissue paper, irRESISTible ink, Xyron 3″ disposable sticker maker, scissors, and packing tape!

Head over the the Imagine blog for the full tutorial to create your own washi tape and add some sparkle to your planner!