I am a huge sucker for wooden signs.  And if those signs have glitter, I will probably spend a good chunk of money to get it because I really do love glitter!

So I am sharing how to create your own DIY wooden glittery sign for National DIY Day!  I am an ambassador, along with other talented ladies to showcase some easy, intermediate, and expert projects you can create so you can try your hand at Doing-It-Yourself!

With spring coming, I wanted to create a piece for my mantel to add a bit of flair.  I have seen a lot of the decorative wood signs, and absolutely adore them, but felt I needed to put my own spin on it.

I started by looking through all my crafting supplies, and got inspired by the felt balls I had found at Michael’s Craft Store not too long ago!

DIY Gather Sign


  • Wooden Sign
  • Paper Cutter (I used my Silhouette Cameo for this)
  • Cardstock
  • Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive Refill
  • Imagine Creative Medium in Clear
  • Brush (I used Imagine Brush Stix but an old paint brush will work too)
  • White Glitter
  • Tacky Glue
  • Colorful Felt Balls


1. Cut out letters for your sign using your paper cutter.I decided to make my sign say “gather” using Cantori Pro font.

2. Carefully remove the letters from cut mat.

3. Run the letters through the Xyron Creative Station.Rub the entire paper with your fist before you remove the top, clear layer.

4. Gently peel the letters off the back of the sticker paper.

5. Place the letters onto the wood sign, and press to ensure all letters adhere to the sign.

6. Using your brush, cover the entire word with the creative medium.

DIY Gather Sign with Glitter

7. Once word is covered, sprinkle glitter all over the creative medium.

8. Shake off excess glitter.

9. While waiting for the sign to dry, add felt balls to the sides of the sign.Adhere felt balls using tacky glue.

DIY Gather sign

10. Set aside and let dry.

DIY Gather Sign

11. Once dry, hang or display!

DIY Gather Sign with Glitter

I am just loving how this sign fits so perfectly into our living room!  I decided to hide the twine that is used to hang the sign.  I stuck it behind the sign and attached it using painter’s tape.  This way it won’t get in the way when it is sitting on my mantel, but I can change up where it goes by hanging it around the house!

It would also make an adorable door wreath to welcome visitors!  Just change the word to “welcome”!  Or change it for the holidays… just add “easter” and some felt eggs instead of balls.  The possibilities are endless with how to create decorative signs for your home!

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DIY wood gather sign