I have been wanting to try to make a floral hoop wreath. You know, the ones that are all over Pinterest with the flowers on an embroidery hoop?!?! So when I saw that the challenge for this month’s Dollar Store DIY was spring, I knew this was the perfect time to DIY a faux flower hoop wreath using items found at The Dollar Store!! Because nothing screams spring like flowers!!

How To Make A Faux Flower Hoop Wreath


  • Faux Flowers (I bought 8 flowers for this oversized wreath)
  • Floral Twist Ties
  • Scissors
  • Macrame Hoop (I had this at home, but any craft store has large sizes)
  • Hot Glue Gun


Step One

Cut all the flowers off the stems so you are creating individual flowers. Make a pile of the flowers so you can see everything.

Step Two

I started with two leaves as the end of this wreath. Cut the floral twist ties to wrap around the leaves. Wrap each leaf individually with the twist tie. I did about three full wraps around the leaf then attach it to the hoop.

Step Three

Take a flower and wrap around the hoop. Most of the flower stems were able to wrap and hold. If the flower isn’t able to, wrap with the floral twist ties to secure to the hoop.

Step Four

Keep adding flowers to the hoop using the same technique of either wrapping the flower’s stem around the hoop, or using the floral twist ties to secure to the hoop.

Step Five

Once you get about a third of the flowers on the hoop, start the same process on the opposite side. This will help hide the stems once you finish. Work your way into the middle of the faux flower hoop wreath.

Step Six

Smoosh all the flowers together and fix to hide any stems that might show.

Step Seven

Hot glue the back of the faux flower hoop wreath so the flowers don’t move or fall off!

Step Eight

Once the glue is dry, add a ribbon and hang! You can also add this adorable pretty in pink banner to your spring mantel to give some pops of color to your home!!

I just love how this faux flower hoop wreath turned out. It was easier than I expected once I got into the flow. It is rather putz-y but I think it turned out beautifully!!

Using items found from the Dollar Store, you can create a faux flower hoop wreath in this easy-to-follow tutorial with lots of pictures to help you create this spring trend! #fauxflowers #dollarstore #hoopwreath

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