I love labels. Like think it is the best way to keep an organized home. But not every bin or basket is easy to label. Some baskets you can add a bin clip. But if you have little kids, they may tear that off, making it not as useful. So I have an easy trick on how to make basket labels by using wooden tags! These tags can be added to basically any basket by using twine or ribbon!

How To Make Basket Labels With DecoArt

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How To Make Wooden Labels For Baskets

Tutorial to Make Basket Labels

Step One

Paint the wooden tags on each side using the Chalky Finish paint in Relic. I used a big paintbrush to cover the tags and painted them on a tray.

Step Two

When tags are dry, write the word you want on the label using a pencil.

Step Three

Trace over the pencil using the Chalky Finish paint in Everlasting White. I used a small paintbrush.

close up of wooden label tags tied onto baskets in playroom

Step Four

Repeat for each of the tags.

Step Five

Once paint is dry, string twine or ribbon through the tags and tie them to the basket.

play basket labels in playroom

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make basket labels. Because you can completely customize these labels, it is perfect for adding to any type of basket! But what do you put in each basket?? I’ll give you some ideas!

  • I love using seagrass baskets in linen closets. Using tag labels on each of the baskets helps everyone in the family know what should go where.
  • Canvas bins are great for playrooms but can be tricky to label. Using tags can help keep things organized on those canvas bins.
  • When we are organizing kitchen pantries, we love using different types of organizers based on the needs of the family. I love using wire storage, making tag labels the best labels!
  • Bathrooms can benefit from basket labels when you use a weave basket!
  • Rope baskets are also a favorite when it comes to organizing kids. Adding a tag label will help the kids keep things tidy in these baskets.

how to make labels for baskets plus tutorial pinterest graphic