Llama’s are totally the trend right now. I have seen them in party decor, pictures, and all the memes!! So I thought I would jump on this llama trend and create adorable llama labels for our art station in our play room. Because what art station wouldn’t be complete without llamas?!?!

paint drawer with orange llama label

The Cutest Llama Labels

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materials for llama labels post: xyron creative station lite, newtons nook llama die cuts and tombow pen



rainbow colored llama labels

Step One

Cut out the llama die cuts on the rainbow card stock. Make sure to cut out the sunglasses, one in each color, as well!

sunglasses sticker maker llama labels

Step Two

Take the 1.5″ sticker maker and put each pair of sunglasses through the slit. Pull the sticker maker down. Rub the sheet before you peel off the top adhesive.

llama labels with sunglasses on because they wear their sunglasses at night

Step Three

Adhere each pair of sunglasses to the llama die cut outs. I went with different colors on different llamas. I thought it was a fun touch to the llama labels.

Step Four

Lay out the llamas so you know which drawer you want each label to go onto. Write on each llama label using the Tombow Monotwin pen. Don’t have handwriting you love? This pen is amazing because you can write with the thin side, then go over parts of the letters using the thicker side to create a faux calligraphy look!

llama labels in xyron creative station with permanent and laminate refill

Step Five

Lay two llama labels in the Xyron Creative Station Lite with the permanent AND laminate refill. This refill is perfect because you create a laminated sticker at adhere to the drawers.

cut out each individual llama label from xyron creative station

Step Six

Cut out each individual llama. I didn’t cut out super close to the llama label, but left a little edge surrounding the label.

Step Seven

Peel off the backing of the label and adhere to the drawer.

adhere llama labels to drawers

Step Eight

Repeat for all the llamas!

I absolutely adore these llama labels! They are the perfect for our play space!

colorful drawers with colorful llama labels on each individual drawer

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How to make the cutest llama labels in rainbow colors! #llama #labels #kidsart

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