I love using decorative bottles to hold my oils. Mostly because we keep a bunch of cooking oils out on the counter, and I hate the look of some of the packaging. But figuring out which oil is which can be challenging. I needed an easy and decorative way to label the bottles. So I partnered with scrapbook.com and Spellbinders to create these one-of-a-kind oil bottle labels! They are perfect for labeling any type of oil, like cooking oils, essential oils, or even soap!

How To Create Oil Bottle Labels

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Step One

Using the Spellbinders Die Cutting Machine, cut out the bottle die cuts on decorative paper. I cut out three different sizes for the bottle I was labeling.

I went with black and white paper since it will go well within my kitchen decor.

Step Two

Write on the labels using your TomBow pen. For this project, mine was olive oil. I wrote one the line of the paper.

Step Three

Run the bottle dies through the Xyron Creative Station. One side will be sticky and the other side will be laminate. This makes it perfect for your oils as the label won’t be ruined!

Step Four

Attach the label to the bottle.

Step Five

Fill bottle with whatever oil you labeled!

This is the perfect and unique way to label oils because they are customizable for whatever size you are using for your oil bottle labels. You can use the small die for labeling your essential oils. Group a few together to create a label for your cooking oils. Use one large die for labeling soap in a bottle! The possibilities are endless for labeling with these adorable bottle labels!

Give your oil bottles labels that will last! This easy tutorial will show you how to add labels to oil bottles so you know what is in each bottle. #oilbottle #labels