How is it already June??

I was so not ready for summer to hit. When my kiddos had their last day of school, I totally freaked out because I was not set up for summer to start!

I typically have lists of things to do, our summer bucket list, and summer plans set at the beginning of May. But this summer I was not on top of things so I spent their first week of vacation scrambling to create our list of summer activities for preschoolers!

So I started by getting our stress-free summer schedule set!

summer activities for kids

Summer Schedule

I have been doing a stress-free summer schedule for the past few summers, and just love how it works! I start by giving each day a general theme. Then I create a list of things we can do for that theme. The entire summer we stick to this loose schedule so we get to do some new experiences, but still keep some sort of structure for the kids!

For example, on Tuesdays, we could just read books outside, go to a library, listen to books on CD, or create our own books! It is just a loose schedule to give some creativity to each day of the week.

  • Move It Monday
  • Read It Tuesday
  • Water Wednesday
  • Art Thursday
  • Field Trip Friday

Summer Bucket List

Our entire family sits down together to create our bucket list of things we want to do over the summer. This year we wrote it on our chalkboard garage door. We can see the entire list and it will remind us to get out and explore our city throughout the summer!!

We have general things like try a new park, or go to the pool. But we also have things like visit the aquarium and go to a baseball game!

xyron tv time summer activities for kids

Screen Time

I am not going to lie… we will still have screen time over the summer. I am a firm believer that my kids need to know how to regulate themselves, and if they need down time, screen time is a fine option. So to help them see what they are allowed for the summer, I created a screen time chart.

And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because we were challenged to create a summer craft for the Xyron Design Team!!

summer activities for kids how to make screen time monitor



1. Cut out the TV. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out an old school TV.

2. Run the parts of the TV cut out through the Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker and adhere together.

summer activities for kids screen time monitor xyron

3. Add detail, such as the knobs to the TV using a Sharpie pen.

4. Run the full TV cut out through the Xyron Creative Station Lite with the laminate and magnet refill.

xyron creative station lite

5. Cut out the outline of the TV. Before you cut, wipe the scissors using a baby wipe to help prevent from sticking! This seriously helps the scissors cut through the laminate like butter!!

wipe scissors with baby wipe xyron

6. Set up screen time station on a magnetic board or baking tray.

summer activities for kids limit screen time

7. Add Washi tape to divide the magnetic board or tray.

8. Slide the TV’s across the Washi tape every time the kids choose to use one of their screen time options for the day.

summer activities for kids

List Of Activities

The last thing I always try to do is create a massive list of things for the kids to do. Then I will write some of those things down for them to see near the screen time chart. I only write some things down because a giant list may overwhelm them.

But it is super handy for me to have a giant list in case I forget what we can do! Does that ever happen to you, when you are put on the spot, you can’t think of what you can do?? That’s why this list is so helpful for me!

You can download Summer Activity List by The Organized Mama FOR FREE!!

Now that I spent all of last week getting set for summer, I feel so much more prepared with summer activities for preschoolers!! We set up our expectations for screen time by creating a magnetic visual for the kids using Xyron products, I have my list of activities, we have a loose summer schedule, and a bucket list of things we plan to do!

To see all our summer adventures, check out my Instagram Stories all summer!! I’ll be sharing how we keep ourselves organized, plus other behind-the-scenes goodies!