You know that I love a good sticker label. I think they are so practical for any organizing project. But just how do you go about creating those sticker labels?? Well I am breaking down all the steps to create these gorgeous labels with ease.

How To Create Custom White Sticker Labels

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Step One

Open Silhouette Studio on your computer and create a new document. Set the document to the size of the paper. The white sticker paper I am using was 8.5″ by 12″. Check to make sure you set the correct size otherwise you may end up creating a beautiful label sheet that doesn’t fit on the paper!!

Step Two

For these labels, I purchased pre-made labels. You can make your own, but I thought it would be fun to just use labels that others had already created, to save myself some time. Go into the store and search for labels. Look for labels you like and want to purchase. I found great ones that had fun font that could be colored in.

Step Three

After you purchase the labels, go into your files and find the newly downloaded labels. Double click to add them to your document in Silhouette Studio. Then adjust the size of the labels to fit your page. You can add color or change font. Have some fun with this design.

Step Four

Once you are satisfied with how the labels look, print out the labels onto the white sticker paper. You may have to turn the document into a PDF to print, like I did. I think it prints better on my printer.

Step Five

After printing, adhere the label sheets to the cut mat. Then send through the Silhouette Cameo to cut out the outline of the labels. I had to remove the text so it would only cut the curvy labels.

Step Six

Peel sticker off and apply it to a jar or canister. Then repeat until your entire house is completely labeled! Just kidding 😉

This entire process for creating white sticker labels is incredibly easy. I really like how you can change the font and colors of the text to make it fit your space. For this project, I used the labels for our baking supplies. But I can easily adjust the size to label spices, bins, and more! You can get really creative with the entire process, which I love. Add personality or simply use the white sticker labels as an extra decor piece in your home to give it some pizzazz!