With sweater weather in full swing near us, I thought it was time to get our front door decorated for fall.  I mean,  October does start tomorrow, and that means it’s almost time for Halloween, which means decorating the door is totally acceptable, right?!?!  Typically, I have used pumpkins and mums for most of the fall decorating, along with some fun ghosts I have made using styrofoam and cheesecloth.  We’ve had the mums in planters near the door, located near the pumpkins.  The ghosts have hung on the side of our little outside entrance.  I made a burlap wreath about three years ago, and have continued to use that for fall with a monogram attached.

This year I wanted to do something a little different.  I wanted to decorate a little more by using corn husks and bales of hay, along with the mums and pumpkins.  You know, take my fall decor up a notch, and make the neighbors jealous!  But, as we started to decorate for fall, Ben and I both wanted to do something about the front door.  I really have never liked it, and it was starting to look rather sad.  The door needed some love, so we decided to paint it, in an effort to spruce up our home.

Fall Door Decor - The Organized Mama

Fall Door Decor – The Organized Mama

We had already started most of the decorating before we started to paint the door.  Our flower bed was looking rather overgrown, and unloved.  The kids and I pulled up most of the dead and overgrown flowers.  Then, we planted a bunch of mums.  I wanted to get a variety of colors, so it looked like fall in the flower bed.  We went to Home Depot and picked out some great mums with lots of colors.  Then, spaced them out throughout the flower bed.

Kale Cabbage Chalkboard Planter - Fall Door Decor

Kale Cabbage Chalkboard Planter – Fall Door Decor

I also had to empty our summer planters because they were so overgrown and a little sun burnt.  Once I cleared them out, I realized that I can grow the kale/cabbage plants in the planter.  They are incredibly hardy, and can handle a Chicago winter if taken care of.  I love seeing green in the winter, as it gives me hope that spring will arrive soon.  (Winter is so not my season.)  Planting some yellow mums and green kale/cabbage plants in the Terra Cotta chalkboard planter I made last summer, I wrote “BOO” on the planter and stuck it in the middle of the flower bed.  I wanted to give some height to the flower bed, as the mums are all the same height.

We bought two corn stalks and attached them to each of the poles in our outdoor entryway.  I used thicker twine to tie the corn stalks to the poles.  I made three different ties at three different heights to keep the corn stalks in place, and double knotted the twine to insure that they weren’t going anywhere.

Fall Door Decor - Corn Tied With Twine

Fall Door Decor – Corn Tied With Twine

The bales of hay that they had at Home Depot were smaller, which was perfect for what I had envisioned.  I took on small bale of hay, and placed it in front of the corn stalk on our front step.  We have a small step up to the outdoor entryway, so the bales of hay fit perfectly on these space.  Then, I found some adorable baskets and put orange/yellow-ish mums in to complete the look.  I also found a galvanized bucket, and planted three kale/cabbage plants in the bucket, because I had some kale/cabbage plants left over.

Fall Door Decor - Kale Cabbage Plants

Fall Door Decor – Kale Cabbage Plants

Then we moved on to painting the door.  We started by selecting the paint color for the door.  I knew that I wanted the outside windows to be painted white, but I wanted the door to have a color that popped.  Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue has been a favorite a mine for some time, and with Ben actually having the drive to paint, I thought, why not go for this color!  We sanded the entire door and side windows; making sure everything was smooth.  Then we washed the door using old rags and water.  We wanted to make sure we got all the dust off of the door before we Ben started to paint.  Then Ben got to painting.  He used a combination of a 4-inch roller, and a paintbrush.  Due to the large amount of glass that our door has, we taped off some areas of the glass, making it easier to paint.

Fall Door Decor - Hydrangea Wreath

Fall Door Decor – Hydrangea Wreath

Once the door was finished being painted and dried, I grabbed my grapevine wreath and hung it on the door using a thick, purple ribbon.  I cut some hydrangea from the garden, and attached them to the grapevine wreath.  I love how the green and white of the hydrangea pop with the blue of the door.

All that I have left to do is take a trip to the pumpkin farm with the family to pick out some pumpkins to complete our front door.  (And maybe a new welcome mat…but that might wait until spring!)  I am really happy with how everything turned out.  I love how the blue pops next to the white.  The door looks so clean and inviting, instead of worn and dated.

Fall Door Decor - Front Door

Fall Door Decor – Front Door

Every time we drive by or walk by the house, I am giddy because the front door looks like it fits our home.  It looks so fresh and inviting.  And the fall decorations get me excited for cooler weather, sweater weather, jumping in piles of leaves, running around outside, going to the pumpkin patch, picking apples, and drinking hot chocolate!  Personally, I enjoy the cooler weather, especially after this warm summer, but I am still sad that that means winter is coming.  I will just be thinking about fall and enjoying the weather!  Now I have to figure out Halloween costumes.  How is your fall decor coming along?  Do anything fun to decorate your door?  Your home?  I’d love to hear what you are doing, so share your thoughts below!

The Organized Mama