I am jumping for joy because today is the day I can finally reveal Adleigh’s bedroom that we completed for the One Room Challenge!! I cannot wait to give you a tour of her newly updated, big kid room!! This girls bedroom decor took a little longer than expected because I did do all my shopping online. I only went into Michael’s craft store to get ribbon that I used for Adleigh’s wall hangings. Other than that, I sourced and shopped online. Some things were shipped while others were curbside pick up. And with shipping times taking longer than others, I just have to say that I am happy we got everything we needed rather quickly.

bed with white and black bedding, canopy, sparkly pillows, rug, watercolor curtains and fuzzy chair

One Room Challenge Reveal: Girls Bedroom Decor

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The Challenge

I always loved Adleigh’s room. But we never did anything to update her room since her nursery. Ok I take that back…I removed the vinyl circles she had on her walls. But that was it. We even were using the back of her crib as her headboard. 

When we decided to transform her room for the One Room Challenge, I knew we needed to do something dramatic to fit her personality. In order to do this, I had to find one thing that was the staple in her room. And as I was scouring the Internet for something to use as the starting point for her room, we stumbled upon curtains from Wayfair. Adleigh instantly fell in love with the watercolor print. So once we had those picked out, the rest fell into place.

One Room Challenge bedroom mood board elementary girls bedroom ideas

Clearing The Clutter

After I created a mood board she was happy with, we clearing the clutter of her room. Her bookshelf wasn’t that functional; it ended up being a dumping ground for her stuff. Extra papers and crafts ended up taking over the shelf space, leaving her little room to display her favorite items and books. So all those items that should have been on her bookshelf ended up on her desk, turning that into another dumping ground. There were too many piles and too many places for those piles to go.

If you have a kiddo who is piling up their stuff everywhere, think about reducing the amount of spaces for that stuff to pile. With Adleigh, we decided we needed to get rid of her bookshelf and desk and only have 1 piece of furniture in her room in addition to her nightstand. This will help her keep her items organized and not collect too many things she doesn’t find useful.

We sold the desk and chair. I am storing the book shelf because I love it and it was my first “adult” purchase so I am having a hard time parting with it. And the nightstand ended up in the basement as an end table next to the couch. We needed something down there so we just repurposed the nightstand! Love when we can save money by repurposing what we have.

The Paint

Once her entire room was empty, we started painting. The original plan was to paint the two walls with windows Black Satin by Benjamin Moore and the remaining walls would be painted Rock Harbor Violet by Benjamin Moore. After we started painting the trim using the Wagner Smart Edge Roller, we realized that we also needed to paint around her closet as well. It would really make a huge impact for not much more work.

The closet we painted around was already painted white on the inside. We removed the doors because we wanted to create more space for Adleigh inside the closet. So the white inside and the Black Satin contrast worked really well.

black satin paint with white bed in front of windows

Hanging All The Things

Once the paint dried, we could hang up the curtains. The thing that will pull this whole space together. Adleigh’s windows are basically touching the wall so hanging curtain rods was tricky. We started by hanging the rod closest to the wall then leveling them out from there. Normally I would recommend doing the middle first by since this was a tricky hang, we went with the hardest corner. We also used curtain hooks to hang the curtains on the rods. The reason being is that Adleigh can open and close the curtains without pulling too hard to get them open. This was a huge problem with her other curtains we had because they didn’t glide smoothly on the rod, which caused the rod to bend beyond repair.

bed with rug and curtains

My original plan with the girls bedroom decor was to hang black and white pictures on one of her walls. But once I put them up, I quickly realized that wasn’t the right thing for the wall. So I ended up finding some decorative wall hangings. This totally transformed her wall. We added a large mirror. This mirror will be perfect as she grows because we can lower it and add a vanity if she wants! 

Bedding + Bed

Since we had Adleigh’s crib acting as the headboard for her bed, we knew it was time for her to get an actual bed. So we found one from Crate and Barrel called the Ever Simple Bed that worked perfectly in the space. I loved how clean the bed looked. And the white headboard on the Black Satin walls were perfect. We also knew we had to update a few other bedding items as well.

We added a canopy hanging over her bed as she has requested it for a few years. Seriously. This wasn’t a difficult thing to add, but we just never got around to finding one. So I found one that was perfect from Walmart. I hung the canopy from the ceiling using command brand hooks. Then I tied the canopy to the hook to make sure it was secure to the ceiling. The canopy did come with something to hang from the ceiling but I didn’t want to screw anything into the ceiling so we went with the removable hooks instead.

And since we were totally transforming her space, we needed to find her some bedding. And we came across the most incredible bed set ever. Beddy’s is a sheet and comforter all in one. The bed zips up so Adleigh can get the comforter as tight as she wants or as loose as she wants depending on how she zips herself in. The Beddy’s set we got was Dash (the pattern), Minky (the softest inside ever). 

I added a quilt in a violet color to her bed since she sometimes sleeps hot. This will be perfect for the summer so she can just sleep on the top of the Beddy’s and use the comforter as her blanket for those hot nights.

Sparkly pillows also added a nice touch to her bed. These were hand-me-downs from her cousins! I love to repurpose things!!

bed with canopy

Storing Books And Stuff

We decided that the IKEA Kallax would be the perfect bookshelf for Adleigh’s room. Because we can divide the books into the different cubes, nothing would get crazy out of control, like her old book shelf. See all her books were on one long shelf. The problem with that was that she couldn’t find the books she wanted. So she would empty the entire shelf to find her books. 

Now, we divided the books up into types. All her readers are in a pantry basket. Her hardcover books are grouped together. Paperback books are stored together. And her chapter books are on the last cube. 

The bottom cubes are holding her doll stuff. Things like doll clothing, accessories, and special treasures. They are stored in black and white bins from iDesign. I love how the black and white pattern really ties the space to the black walls on the opposite side of the new bookcase.

On top of the bookcase, we added a lamp from Crate and Barrel. I thought the pink would be a nice piece to accent the watercolor curtains for the girls bedroom decor. The pink is a little more muted than I thought but it still works. We also added a standing clipboard that Adleigh can use to hold her favorite artwork or notes. 

And on each side of her bookcase we added pink hampers. One for dirty clothes and the other for large doll things like the doll bed and picnic table. These hampers will make an easy clean up for Adleigh because she can just dump her doll stuff into the hamper and her room is clean. I am all about easy clean up for this child.

inside bins with toys

Adleigh’s Closet

For Adleigh’s closet, we wanted to do a lot of drawers. We ended up getting an Elfa closet from The Container Store. The Efla closet is totally customizable so you can design it for one space but it can grow with you as the kids grow. 

closet with chair and rug

For now, we wanted Adleigh to have a lot of drawers, so we used the mesh drawers with the decor line to hold the drawers. This way I could add the vinyl labels to each drawer so she knows what is in each drawer. 

declutter kid's room clothing drawers with liners

I also added drawer dividers to the drawers. And I lined the drawers using The Duck Brand fabric liners. This way anything that is file folded inside the drawer will stay in place. The fabric liners will help keep the clothing standing up, even if the drawer isn’t full.

For a full tutorial on how to install Elfa, you can watch here.

elfa decor drawers with dividers and fabric top liner

The Finishing Touches On Girls Bedroom Decor

We also got Adleigh a Hatch Restore. The Restore is probably the best sleep machine out there. You can set up routines you want the Restore to go through on the app on your phone. So we set up a mediation routine that helps Adleigh get calm before bed. Then we have the ocean sounds on while she sleeps with a light blue light. To rise, we have birds chirping and a yellow light that gets brighter gradually. The Hatch technology helps walk you up naturally so you feel more rested. 

The Restore sits on her smaller nightstand. It is actually an end table we had in the living room that is now a permanent fixture in her room.


When we does walk up and get out of bed, she has the softest rug to walk on. I am obsessed with the Mohawk Dotted Diamond Area Rug. We have the 8′ by 10′ rug that covers the majority of her room. I wanted something super cozy for her floors that went with the room to add color and texture. The cream of the rug and the grey in the design really balanced out the entire space. She has carpet in ther room that is a color I really dislike. So the Dotted Diamond area rug not only muted the carpet, but actually made it look good in the space.

On top of the carpet is a fuzzy saucer chair she can sit and read in. I love how soft the chair is and it can easily fold up. This way if she wants to have more floor space, she can fold up the chair and store it against the wall or on the side of her closet.

Special Thank You

I am so beyond happy with how Adleigh’s room turned out. And she is elated with it as well. I want to say a special thank you to all my sponsors for this girls bedroom decor project. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to Wagner for the Smart Edge Roller. It really is a magical tool to paint around trim. Thank you Wayfair for the gorgeous curtains. They are literally a work of art on her walls. Thank you Beddy’s for the absolute best bed set we have ever had. Seriously we bought one for my son because they are incredible. Thank you Hatch for the ultimate sleep machine. We also bought one for my son because it really is a magical way to get kids to calm down and fall asleep! Thank you Mohawk Home for the gorgeous and soft rug. We will be purchasing these rugs for every room of the house because it is like walking on a cloud! Thank you iDesign for the book storage solutions. The canvas bins perfectly tie the spaces together and the pantry basket is one of my favorite products ever. Thank you The Duck Brand for the drawer liner that has been such a life saver in Adleigh’s closet. 

And thank you to my husband for doing all the painting and hanging and moving around furniture. Because I know he would have been really mad if I did any of this myself!!

closet with hangers

Shop Girls Bedroom Decor

These are all the products I have used for Adleigh’s bedroom transformation. Paint is from Benjamin Moore in Regal Eggshell. Colors: Black Satin and Rock Harbor Violet. Bedding is from Beddy’s in Dash Minky.

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