Holy cow… There is one week left of the One Room Challenge, and I am totally stressing that I won’t get the space complete before next Wednesday!!

Well, I am stressing I will remain indecisive in what I want to actually do to complete this space.  You know, like find a mirror!!

But I did make some great progress this week because the wallpaper came!!

And we put in the knobs on the vanity. And touched up some paint. And hung up the towel ring. You know, the fun stuff that makes these blog posts super interesting.

Let’s start with the knobs because they are super sparkly and pretty!!

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I found them online and we bought immediately. They are clear crystal pulls that are just stunning in polished nickle to match the sink.

So I realized I never talked about the beautiful faucet we got from Kohler. I thought the entire faucet looked perfect on the vanity we selected for the room.

I wanted to keep it to the polished chrome, as that is what we have throughout the entire house… upstairs bathrooms and kitchen. So it totally made sense to keep that theme going.

Now onto the wallpaper!!

I am totally obsessed with this print I found on Spoonflower by Charlotte Winter. The print is called Dots and Spots. It was just the best option for this tiny bathroom.

So the entire process went something like this… I ordered the wallpaper at the beginning on the One Room Challenge, but with processing time, it took longer than I expected.

But, once the wallpaper arrived, I got to work. I was just too excited to sleep, so I had to put it up right away.

First you have to clean the wall and make sure it is smooth. Not like rub-your-hand-over smooth, like baby-butt smooth. Because you can see every imperfection in your wall. Like everything!

I may or may not have learned that the hard way…we use to have tile on the walls. But when it was removed, the wall wasn’t sanded as well as it should have been. So I got bumps under the wallpaper.

But I worked around that hiccup and got the wallpaper up nice and smooth-ish.

Because the pattern is so specific, I had to order 3 rolls to cover the bathroom even though I ended up with a lot of extra. It just made lining up the pattern like a million times easier than to try to find the pattern and match with the remaining pieces I had.

I will come up with more projects to do using that print because I am obsessed!

So my final challenge is to get this room ready for the big reveal next week!!  I have to find a mirror and figure out what to put on this wall, but the bathroom is totally feeling like it is coming together and I couldn’t be happier!

TBD gallery wall