It is week 5 of the One Room Challenge and this week is all about the bed! Since we are redoing a kids’ bedroom, there is no better topic than how to make kids go to sleep. And my best piece of advice is to create a cozy bedroom space for them to enjoy. Because when they feel cozy and safe, they will sleep. Having one troubled sleeper in the family, we have learned a thing or two about creating cozy spaces. 

So that is exactly what we did in Adleigh’s bedroom. We created a cozy and warm space for her to feel safe. Where she can relax during the day and sleep well at night. That was all part of the design plans, which you can see more here.

Another big thing to do to help kids go to sleep is to keep their rooms clutter free. This helps eliminate the visual distractions that can happen when you are living in a cluttered space. You can see how we decluttered Adleigh’s room here.

How To Make Kids Go To Sleep

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The Bed

First, your kiddos need a bed that feels cozy. Think about it. Back when they were babies they would sleep in a crib and feel safe. You will want to do that for them in their bed as well.

For Adleigh’s room, we went with a bed from Crate and Kids called the Ever Simple White Bed. This bed looks amazing on her wall, which we painted Black Satin by Benjamin Moore. You can see more about how we painted the edges without tape here. She was in need of a new bed anyway. We used her crib to transform into a bed once she outgrew her crib. While that was great for the transition, it wasn’t a really good plan for the long term. This is where the Crate and Kids bed has made such an impact.

We added the canopy over her bed, per her request. I think the canopy makes her feel safe because it acts like a shield over her bed. This helps her go to sleep quickly! We hung up her canopy using 3M Command Brand hooks so we wouldn’t damage her walls. You can read more about how we did that here.

black and white bedding from beddy's

The Bedding

We wanted to make sure that Adleigh could make her bed easily since we moved it against a wall. So we went with Beddy’s. Her original bedding was great, but with this bedroom transformation into a big kids room, we needed big kid bedding. And that is exactly what Beddy’s is!!

Beddy’s is entire bedding that goes on like a fitted sheet. Seriously! You just slide it over the corners of the bed and you are set. 

The bed “comforter” zips up on the fitted sheet, making it easy to make the bed. Plus this helps with anxious sleepers because you can secure them into bed so there is no fight about helping kids fall asleep.

We went with the Minky Dash set for Adleigh’s room. I really like the white with the black as it goes with the walls and room decor in the space. We also added a quilt over her bedding in case she wanted extra covers in the winter or something lighter in the summer. To switch the bedding to summer bedding, simply zip up the bed and have your child sleep on top of the comforter. Beddy’s also has quilts that match or are complimentary to the bedding. It really is so amazing.

Plus, zipping the sheets helps with making the bed as well. All the kiddos have to do is zip up the bed and it is made! This will help get kiddos to sleep easier and keep their rooms clean and tidy.


The Sleep Machine

We received a Hatch Restore machine to add to Adleigh’s bedroom. She was in need of a new sound machine, so we were looking around. We found a variety but she needed something specific. Then we found the Hatch. With a science-backed personalized sleep routine that we could set up with our phone, we knew this was the product for her! The Restore routine features a timed soft-glow reading light, wind down meditations, and a wide array of relaxing sleep sounds. So we can set up a routine for her to help her sleep.

Needless to say, we decided to purchase one for my son. And it has been such a game-changer for their sleep routines. Hatch Restore helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up naturally so you can take on the day as your best self. It does this by letting you create routines. So for Adleigh, we created a reading routine where she has the light on with soft sounds while she reads. Then we set up a wind-down routine with meditation that goes on 15 minutes after we turn on her reading light. Once the meditation is complete, it goes into the ocean sounds she falls asleep to. 

In the morning, the Restore gently wakes her up with gradual light and sounds. This sleep machine is one of the best ways to make kids go to sleep without a fight.

bedroom with black walls, sound machine and curtains

Shop Sleeping Items To Help Kids Go To Sleep

I know bedtime can be stressful, but with these tips on how to make kids go to sleep will help ease the pain! Because when the kids feel cozy in their bedrooms, they are more likely to fall asleep easier and without a fight.

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Now, head over to the One Room Challenge blog to check out all the other participants in the One Room Challenge. I am loving all the transformations that are taking place. It really is fun to watch! Don’t forget to comment on your favorites to let them know how they are doing. This helps keep the energy going since this week is crunch week to finish all the rooms for the reveal next week!

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