Back when we lived in the city, our taste in decor was a little different. Mostly because I moved into my husband’s place and he had no style (sorry Ben). So when we moved into our house, most of the furniture and decor came with us. We have an old end table that I haven’t been able to really make it fit into our decor, until now! I finally tackled it to upcycle this end table and I am going to show you how you can do the same!

How To Upcycle End Table

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upcycle end table with marble top easy liner and chairs


Step One

Lay the Easy Liner on top of the end table. Then mark where the liner should be cut to fit the top of the end table.

You can totally measure the top of the end table. I didn’t for this project because whenever I do, I measure wrong!!

Also, make sure that the end table top is totally clean. The Easy Liner will stick better when it adheres to a clean surface.

[convertkit form=831964]

Step Two

Cut the Easy Liner to the size of the top of the end table.

Step Three

Remove the top part of the Easy Liner and lay on the top of the end table. Then slowly smooth the liner on top of the Easy Liner.

close up easy liner marble top on end table

Step Four

Smooth any bubbles that may have popped up under the liner. Cut any access liner from around your end table.

Step Five

Place your end table in place and decorate!

chairs and end table with marble top

To upcycle end table, we added a touch of our decor. Because we were able to use Easy Liner, we can easily swap out the liner for anything to go along with our changing style. That is why I am a huge fan of Easy Liner to redecorate any piece of furniture in your home.

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