And Then There Was White… Kitchen Renovation Updates

I cannot believe that our kitchen renovation project is starting to take shape.  It has taken us over four months of renovation to get to this point, and we can finally see the end of the tunnel!

Since my last update where we just had the framing of the rooms, things have moved along quickly.  But at the same time, they have been painfully slow.  But, I guess that is how construction goes, right?!?!

Once the rooms were framed out, they could start with adding electric and plumbing.  That is where we last left on the updates.

Outside Progress


Well, there was a lot going on over the past month.  We got the siding completed!  So, while we were waiting for the siding to finish, we were painting all the bricks white on the outside of the house.  It was a large undertaking, but it was totally worth it!

Inside Progress


Moving to the inside, the windows and sliding glass door were installed.

Then came the drywall.  And all the dust.  Oh, so much dust!  I never imagined how much dust could come from putting up walls, but our entire house has a giant dust cloud hanging over it, which, I am assuming, won’t leave for another few years.  I am really dreading having to clean up all that dust once things are completed.  But, that won’t be for a few more weeks, so I’ll just deal with it then!

Floors were installed and stained.  That was fun to see because the kitchen and sun room started to look like actual rooms, instead of just shells of what a room is suppose to be.

Cabinets Installation


And now, our cabinets are being installed as we speak!

We went with white in the kitchen area, and a dark grey for the butler’s pantry and china cabinet.  I wanted them to look more like furniture than cabinets.

It is really amazing to see your vision being turned into reality!

So far we haven’t had any major hiccups with the installation of the cabinets, which is a really big deal.  If something is wrong, it could take up to three additional weeks to get them reordered.  Which means that they couldn’t measure and order counter tops, so we would be sitting with an unfinished kitchen for longer than we’d like.



As things started to come together, I started to plan out our lighting.

I had a general idea what I was looking for, which made narrowing things down easy.  But the chandelier was the toughest thing to find.

We needed lighting for the outside, near the garage, because we added extra lighting to the front of the house.  We only had one light fixture over the garage.  We relocated the lighting to the two sides of the garage, so there would be more light.

Outside our front door, we needed a new light.  I really wanted a lantern light, so we changed that as well.

Finally, we needed lighting in the kitchen.  I was searching for four pendant lights that would hang over the two islands.  I also needed a chandelier.  Our old drum light that was hanging over our dining room table is going to be the light fixture in the sun room!

I am almost positive these will be the lighting for our house, but am not totally sure.  I am such a visual designer, that I can picture what they might look like, but I need to see it in real life to know if it will work for sure!

Up Next

Once the cabinets are fully installed, the baseboards will go in.  We have to measure and order the counter tops.  Then, we wait.

By wait, I mean paint.  Since so much of the house needs touch-ups, we are painting the majority of the house.  Stay tuned for more updates via Instagram!


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