I have been putting off decorating a big wall in our living room.  The space was obviously meant for a giant piece of art but I just wasn’t loving that look for our space.  The previous owner had this on that space.

Living Room Transformation
Temporary Art Work

The space is great because there are picture lights to showcase the art, but I just couldn’t commit to anything.  Instead, I took some fabric and two old frames and hung them up just so the wall didn’t look so bare.

Two weekends ago, I made the courageous decision for what I wanted to do with this wall…a picture gallery!  We went to Ikea to get picture frames.  Based on the measurements, we could do two rows of three pictures.

Once we got home, I began my search through our plethora of pictures to find the perfect ones to hang in the living room.

Living Room Wall Transformation

Well, it took two weeks to find pictures that both the Hubs and I were pleased with.  I put the pictures in the frames and wanted to make a 3D effect.  It was super easy with the frames as they have a piece that you can take out to make it look like the mat and the picture are not on top of each other.  We also thought it would be a good idea to use other hooks instead of the ones that Ikea gives you.  Boy were we wrong about that!

Now began the most frustrating part of the entire experience…hanging the pictures.

We started by measuring the wall and taping off the area the pictures were going to go.

Living Room Transformation
Pictures are going in the space from the blue tape to the light switch

Next, we measured 7 1/2 inches between the blue line and the edge of the picture frame and hung the first picture.  Ikea gives you stuff to hang their pictures for a reason.  The hooks we put on were making the frames bend.  We decided to go back to the Ikea hooks, which really do work well.

We continued to measure 7 1/2 inches between pictures for the bottom row.  My husband found a great tool for hanging pictures at Home Depot.  It’s called “Hang and Level Picture Frame Tool” and I would highly recommend purchasing it as it saved us a lot of time with leveling and getting the nails centered to hang the pictures.  We just used nails to hang the pictures as my husband was having difficulty with the picture hooks and getting them straight.  I guess that’s the problem with being left handed!

Finally, we got to the top row.  We started at the top left and worked our way over, measuring 7 1/2 inches from the lower frame and getting it even with that picture.  The most frustrating thing about this project was the very last picture.  I don’t know if it’s because we were just wanting to be done, or if we couldn’t figure out how to hang it, but it took us way too long to hang it!

As many of you know, Ikea frames come with frame hooks.  Well, my husband threw one of the frame hooks out so the very last picture we had to hang was a different type of picture hook.

But, we got it all even and are just loving the display right now!  It will be easy to change out the pictures if we want some color or just different things to look at.

Living Room Transformation


Living Room Transformation


Living Room Transformation


Living Room Transformation

I am just loving the look of the room right now.  It makes the entire space feel complete.Save