Back in January I shared a peek into our master bedroom.  Well, after all that work that we put into making it come together, we need to refresh the entire space because of one teeny, tiny purchase… A headboard!  After over three years of using Euro Square pillows as a make-shift headboard, we finally found one that we loved.  But this has led to quite a bit of mismatching with our current scheme.  Since the headboard is an off-white, the curtains no longer go with the space.  Since the curtains don’t go, the yellow accent pieces don’t really fit any more.  With the yellow accent pieces not fitting, the room was looking boring and plain, as it was just navy and white.

I wanted to find a pop of color to add to the space, but was unsure of what I wanted to do.  After looking everywhere I think I finally have a vision board for the space narrowed down!

Bedroom Inspiration

1. Curtains: Blue Bell Gray- Big Archie Linen

2. Headboard: Tufted Headboard in Talc

3. Bedding: Shelby Geo Duvet and Shams

4. Throw Pillows: Navy Fleur

5. Lamp: Contemporary Table Lamp With Gray Lampshade

6. Rug: Safavieh Vintage Area Rug

I found this fabric and think it would make the perfect addition to the space as curtains.  Then, making a few small tweaks, we can make the space feel cozy and inviting again!  Then, I’d want to keep the bedding a little more neutral with more white instead of navy.  I’d get gray lampshades to bring in a little more cozy light into the space.  I’d also get a gray vintage area rug as I feel our style is vintage contemporary!

I am really excited to see how everything turns out, especially with the fabric!  I ordered a sample of the fabric to see how it looks with the walls and bedding.  If it looks good, then I’m ordering a bunch and going to be sewing curtains for three windows!  I’ll keep you posted!