Navy and Neutral Living Room Tour

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that our home is currently under construction.  We have a giant hole in our driveway and no kitchen.

I have been longing for our remodel to be complete because it means I can get back in and decorate!  But I still have a while before I get to set our home back up.

So when I go to other friends’ homes, I get so inspired by how they decorate.  And jealous.  Like seriously jealous that their homes are put together and mine is a total disaster.

But that’s another story for another day.


Today I am focusing on this lovely navy and neutral living room.  I am loving the pops of navy with all the neutrals in the living area.  It just makes it feel so cozy and inviting.

I always love keeping neutrals as the main palette of a space.  I feel this way because it is so much easier to add color with accessories like pillows, blankets, and wall art.


Shades of whites and greys are the perfect neutrals for living areas.

Then adding color to the space using pillows.  In this case, navy pillows add color to an off-white sectional.


I know there are rules for how many pillows should be on a specific size couch, but I love fluffy pillows and think they make the couch more inviting.  When the pillows are stiff and hard, I don’t think it makes the couch look cozy.

My rule for pillows is if I can do a “karate chop” in the middle, then they are fluffy enough for a couch that is used frequently.  I know my trick is super advanced, but it has worked for me thus far, so I am sticking with it!


When it comes to coffee tables, I like to keep it simple.  Since it is fall, I love the use of pine cones in a decorative dish, along with candles and flowers.  I love keeping living things in rooms to use as decoration.  It just makes the room feel alive!


And I love when I see innovative ways for end tables.  This bench is the perfect addition to the end of this couch.  It isn’t too tall or too low for the space.  It is perfect for holding decorations, like the basket.  Or perfect for holding a glass of wine at the end of the day!

I hope you enjoyed this living area as much as I do!  I just want to go kick up my feet and relax.  Don’t you??