So, absolutely no progress was made in our bathroom for the One Room Challenge.

Like nothing. Nada.

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

Ok, so maybe that’s not true. I did organize under the sink.

And I did learn how to take better pictures of the bathroom. Because we removed the only window in that bathroom for our beautiful play room, I had to make some sacrifices… and the window was one of them.

And we are waiting on the wall paper, knobs, and some picture/wall hang decisions from me.

But other than that… no progress was made. All we did was wait. (And are still waiting but things should start getting here by the weekend!)

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

So organizing the bathroom… this is nice because the space is so small and the vanity has a single cabinet and two drawers, so there isn’t much to organize.

I needed to keep toilet paper, wipes for the kids, hand towels, and soap in the vanity, so it just made sense where to store things.

The toilet paper and wipes went in one drawer.

The hand towels went in another drawer, and I folded them file-folder style to save room, since I have a lot of hand towels for that tiny bathroom.

I stored the soap in a basket in the cabinet. This is the soap for all the bathrooms, but we seem to go through soap the most in that bathroom. So it just made sense to store it all together in this one bathroom.

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

And, I realized that I never talked about our vanity light!  I just love it! It will look like two-million times better once the wall paper is on the wall and you can see the lights, but for now, it works perfectly.

We found it on Houzz and I just love how it fits into the house. We did find a different one that didn’t give off as much light as we needed, so this the is perfect mix of farmhouse and light!

The mirror, on the other hand, does not fit into the modern farmhouse style and I want to move it. Probably into the basement bathroom, since I hate that mirror the most!

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

I want something that is more rustic, like a wood-framed mirror. I think that would be perfect with the wall paper, lights, and colors.

But, again, I have to wait to see how the wall paper looks before I just go buy one. I really want to make sure that is the right way to go with this space.

Same with the artwork.

So maybe this weekend?!?!  Fingers crossed I make some sort of progress or you won’t be hearing from me until the end of May!

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First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

And, yes, this is how I shot all these pictures for this bathroom. Because lighting is hard in such a tiny space!!