Well, I may have saved the best for last as far as my favorites of 2016!  I mean, I love writing about organizing and crafting, but so much has happened to our home this year.

This is mostly because we have done some major renovations to our little home over the year, so I have had lots to share as we have gone through this renovation process.

So let’s dig into all the changes that have taken place in our humble abode!

Kids Bathroom

We started off 2016 by updating the kids’ bathroom.  And by updating, I mean we painted the vanity, switched out knobs, and added a window valance.

Surprisingly, this changed the look of the entire bathroom!  I am still so happy we changed the color of that vanity!

Master Bathroom

And since the kids bathroom looked so good, we decided to totally change up our master bathroom as well.

We started by painting the vanity.  Then we painted the walls, changed out the rugs, and swapped out knobs on the vanity and the wall drawers.  I still hate the tile, but the bathroom doesn’t feel so brown any more, so I consider that a win!!  Maybe 2017 will bring master bathroom changes… you never know!!

Kitchen Design

We also started off the year by planning out our kitchen redesign.  When we first started this whole process, we thought we would have to have support beams, which is why we have poles in the island.  Once the engineers checked everything out, we learned we didn’t need to have those supports, so we could rethink the entire island!

We ended up turning that giant island into two smaller islands.  One island has the sink and dishwasher, while the other has storage and the microwave.


As we were packing up the house for the renovation, I was in the middle of the One Room Challenge.  The ORC is a design challenge where you completely redesign a room in your home over 6 weeks.  It is intense to say the least, but I am so happy I don’t have to think about updating the basement now that we have moved back into the house!

For the challenge, we painted the entire basement, painted a stone fireplace, rearranged furniture, and added artwork to the walls.  We also took out some built-in shelves and turned them into a play space for the kids.  I added curtains and a chalkboard for them to use as a theater!

House Updates

I have shared a lot of house updates, but this was the very first update on our renovation!  I wrote this post after a few months of demo, because once they added the slab of concrete and framed it, nothing really happened for a while.

I knew that renovations wouldn’t look like they do on HGTV, but I was surprised by how much down time there was.  But once the walls went up, it felt like they were going to be done in no time!

Paint Colors

I had to throw my paint color post in the mix, because we hated the majority of the colors I had picked once they went up on the walls!!  No joke, I spent a lot of time selecting colors that worked well with each other and complimented our home.  Then, we put them up on the walls and they looked horrible!

I know that you can’t trust a paint chip, but I was totally thrown off by the entire process that we still haven’t picked all the paint colors!!  We painted the sun room, kitchen, and powder room.  But I still can’t figure out what to paint the living room and the hallways!

Almost Done

I loved sharing this post with you because we were so close to being done!  We were just waiting on the hood to be wrapped in reclaimed wood!  It was like I could see the finish line, but we weren’t totally there yet!

The powder room wasn’t finished yet…well, it still isn’t totally done!  We need the knobs on the drawers.  But that should be taken care of as soon as the knobs come in!!

Play Room

EEK!!  The play room is (practically) done!  This is the first room in the entire renovation that is almost done!!  Like, I have to hang a few pictures and laminate labels for the bins.  Oh, and find blinds for the windows.  But nothing major!

I really love how cozy the space turned out.  And I LOVE that it is right next to the kitchen.  It makes things so much easier when I am getting meals ready and I can watch them play right next to me!

So 2017 will have my reveals of all the rooms in the house!!  I cannot wait to share all that I have done with decorating, organizing, and crafting to make our house feel like home!

And, to get you organized in 2017, I am kicking off the year with the Get Organized Challenge!  Each week I will be sending you goodies to get you motivated to get your home organized the entire month of January!  We will break down tasks so you can start 2017 off on the organized foot.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017!!

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