Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all!!  I cannot believe that May is coming to a close.  I feel like 2016 is flying by and I am having a hard time keeping up.

We are about to start the process of remodeling our kitchen, along with adding a sun room and fixing some old windows.  It is going to be a big project, so the kids, dog, and I made the trek up to live with my parents for the next few months.


I figure it is best to not be here for any sort of demo that will be taking place.  But, I will have tons of pictures that I will be sharing on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so hop over and follow along!

A few months ago I shared a little peek as to what our kitchen is going to look like and how you can get yourself organized for any kitchen remodel you might be doing.   By planning things out, I am happy to say that I knew what I wanted before we even went in to pick out our cabinets.  That made the entire process go so much smoother.

Kitchen Design

So now I just sit and wait until the entire thing is complete.  And while I am waiting …impatiently, I may add… I have been doing some meal planning to keep some sort of structure for the kiddos and myself.

Meal Planning Color Coded System

This week, Michelle Pfennighaus of Find Your Balance shared how to make a family meal plan with some incredibly helpful advice.  I love how she recommends using what you have in your fridge, because I am totally guilty of not looking in the fridge before I head to the store.

Erasable Meal Planner

And, speaking of meal planning, I was able to create a fun and erasable meal planner using Xyron and Deep Red Stamp products.  Plus, I gave away a $25.00 gift card!  So much fun!

Kids Reading Books


I was also able to share my heart over at Joelle Charming.  I wrote about how challenging it can be to have to mother throughout the night.  Especially when I am done and ready for some “me” time.  But, I know that the time goes too quickly, so one extra snuggle is totally worth it!


And I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak at a women’s event about organizational life hacks.  I talked to over 100 women about ways they can make their lives easier when they get themselves organized and create systems to do so.

Wide Play Room

One of my favorite hacks is to do a 5-mintue clean-up.  I am still doing this clean-up every.single.night and it is totally worth it when I am able to wake up to a clean and tidy house!

Climbing Outside

Now we are off to start our stress-free summer schedule with the kiddos.  I did this last summer and loved how loosely structured out days were.  We had an idea of what to do, but we didn’t have anything planned.  It made for a rather memorable summer!

Pillows On Couch Basement

Enjoy yourself this weekend!  Hopefully the weather is nice for you and relaxing for the entire family!