If you have been following along on Instagram, you probably know we painted our front door! Which was perfect timing as I was getting in the mood for some patio decorating ideas for summer!

After we painted the front door, I decided I needed to switch up our door wreath and ribbon that I use to hold it.

That led to changing up the planters to go with the new yellow door.

Once I changed the planters I needed to find a new entry rug. The entire process happened to be like the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie type of experience. Where once you changed one thing, the next thing needed to be changed.

After the entire kitchen renovation, I have been slowly working on getting our entire home back in order. This entire month I have been focusing on the outside of the home, like the garage, and patio!

Patio Decorating Ideas

I have come to realize it has been taking me the entire month for these projects because I keep changing my mind as to what I want to do!!

We had to get all new siding due to the construction, so we went with neutral grey. We got Hardy siding, which is perfect for durability and longevity!  It goes with everything, which is perfect for us. Then we painted all the brick on our house ourselves. Ok, I take that back… my husband painted all the brick himself.

But that is where all our progress stopped. Because it was winter. And I just kept pushing off completing this project until later. Well, now that it is summer, I needed to get some patio decorating ideas going before it becomes winter again!

patio decorating ideas for summer

So we started this month by painting the door the perfect color of yellow by Benjamin Moore.

I just love the color!! And we also swapped out the handles for something a little more black.

grapevine wreath patio decorating ideas for summer

To add something to cover the all glass door, I spray painted a grapevine wreath using Kylon Flat White Interior/Exterior Spray Paint. Then I hung the wreath with a navy blue ribbon.

We also added an adorable mailbox from Pottery Barn, as our old mailbox was getting super rusty and I just didn’t like it! This mailbox is huge, which is great for when we get bigger pieces of mail. They don’t have to just hide out on the porch steps, they can actually fit in the envelope mailbox!

yellow door blue planter patio decorating ideas for summer

The indoor/outdoor rug is from Target. The size is perfect for our front door, as we have a large entry and the “normal” size rugs are just too small for the space.

planter patio decorating ideas for summer

I love planters, so we have a ton in our front patio. I have some framing the doors. I have some in our front flower bed, which I plan to plant actual flowers but we have to remove all the clay dirt from the construction before I even attempt to plant anything. And I have some lining the walkway.

patio decorating ideas for summer close up

I found this giant blue planter at Costco and it is perfect with the yellow door! I added some impatiens from our local Home Depot. They are perfect because it is shaded most of the day.

faux fern patio decorating ideas for summer

And we have a faux fern lining our walkway from PermaLeaf®. I was able to “plant” the fern in a wooden box to hold it from all weather conditions. And I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about watering it!

patio decorating ideas for summer

So come on in!! I am really loving how the entire patio decorating turned out! It is the perfect way to walk into our home!!