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Sep 15, 2016 | Decorating

As construction has been underway, I have been trying to get ahead of myself in the projects list.  We have already found light fixtures, and I have been working on design and where things are going to go.  Next up is picking paint colors!

I am getting so excited to give the walls a fresh coat of paint!  Even if some of the walls will be freshly dry walled.

Our entire house is getting repainted, with the exception of our master bedroom, the kids’ bathroom, Eli’s room, and the basement.  Everything else is getting an update!

Some walls will just get touch ups, like our master bathroom.  And other rooms will be full-on painting!


What I am having the most fun with is playing with paint colors.  I love the large block of paint chips you can get at the paint store…our store even lets you rent them!

So I have been playing at the house with different colors and ideas for what will work with our furniture and space and style.



Let’s start with the only room that is getting a massive paint change upstairs… Adleigh’s room.  (Sorry for the old picture, but I just realized I haven’t shared how we turned her room into a big girl space!  More on that once the paint dries!)

Right now her room is purple.  And while I love the color, everything in her room is purple.  I am kind of sick of it, as is Adleigh.  So we were thinking of doing a peachy color.  It will give the walls a nice neutral with a pop of color so it doesn’t feel so stark.  Our final two choices are Benjamin Moore Old Country or Pirates Cove Beach.

adleigh-room-paint-colorThe master bathroom is just going to be touched up, as we lost our window in that room so we could add on a sun room.  Since the window got covered up, we decided to add more storage by turning the spot the window was into open shelves built into the wall.  This will help keep things off of our countertops since the bathroom is so small.

Main Floor

Living Room

The entire main floor is going to be a neutral color, but I am not sure what color to choose.  I have really been struggling with selecting a color that isn’t too white, but isn’t too dark.  I have narrowed it down to seven different options.  I know…7!!!  But I have been trying to see the color in different times of the day to make sure that I love it because it is going to be a lot of paint and I only want to have to do this once.


Our accent wall is going to stay the same, but we are going to have to touch that up since we are extending that wall so our kitchen and dining area will be behind it.  I just have to get some more frames to hang on that wall since it is extended!!

Living Room Gallery Wall

Our kitchen and dining area will have a large accent wall as well.  For that space, I am thinking of doing wall paper or something rather dramatic.  But that will come after I get our paint colors selected!!  I am thinking of going with a different neutral for the kitchen and the living room, but it will be one of the seven listed above!

Powder Room


Our powder room is getting an overhaul as well.  Since we lost a window in that bathroom, we needed to replace the tile.  Then we needed to fix the vanity because I don’t like it.  Which lead to the decision of redoing the entire thing.  For that room, we are going to do wainscoting on the bottom and a dark color on top.  I am thinking Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal for a dramatic effect.


Finally, the sun room!  I am so excited for this space to be bright and airy.  I want lighter colors so it didn’t feel so cold.  Again, keeping with the neutrals theme, I am thinking of doing something with more of a grey tint.  But that also depends of if I keep the kitchen on the whiter side.


Hopefully I can get myself together and get the paints picked out once the dry wall goes up.  Then we can start painting!

And don’t forget to follow along on my InstaStories for more renovating updates!  This past weekend we painted the brick on the outside of the house, which I shared on Instagram.  So go over and follow along!!


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