Since we are stuck around the house for the next few weeks, I am getting a jumpstart on decorating for spring. Pink flower wreaths, yellow peonies, and bright florals are my favorite way to add spring to our home.

When I start swapping out decor, I start by grabbing my winter bin that I store in the basement along with my spring bin. Since these bins are organized by type of decor, it makes things really easy to simply swap decor.

Whenever I swap out decor for spring, I will take all the winter things, like the frosty flowers or burlap wreaths and change them for something more spring/summer, like magnolia leaves and succulents. Typically winter decor is white and green. So changing up the colors will help the appearance of spring.

I will swap out the blues and greens for yellows and pinks. Something as simple as changing out blue and green candles for yellow and pink candles is an easy way to bring spring into your home.

And I love creating wreaths to add to our mirror on the mantel or doors. Creating a pink flower wreath is a great way to add spring to your home.

pink flower wreath with pink ribbon #spring

Pink Flower Wreath Tutorial

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Materials For Wreath:

Tutorial For Pink Flower Wreath:

Step One:

Lay leaf garland around the wreath frame. Attach garland using twist ties. I wrapped the twist ties around the links that connect the garland. This helped hold the leaves in place on the wreath frame.

I spaced the twist ties out to see how the garland laid. Then I added more to make sure that everything is staying in place.

Step Two:

Cut pink flowers. I ran the scissor around the flower stem and bent back and forth until it broke. If you need to sharpen your scissors, just cut a few pieces of aluminum foil to sharper them quickly.

If you have wire cutters or floral cutters, those will work as well. I just didn’t have any.

Step Three:

Twist the flower around the wreath frame. I spread the flowers out around the frame then twisted around the frame. Since the flower stems are wire, they will bend nicely around the wreath frame. Some of the flowers weren’t staying in place so I had to really bend them to stay. I also added twist ties to them flowers to keep those floppy ones in place.

Step Four:

Once all the flowers are attached, add a ribbon to the top of the wreath frame and knot it really tight. I also added a large peony to the bow.

the organized mama holding pink flower wreath #spring #flowerwreath

Favorite Spring Decor To Add To Your Home:

In addition to the pink flower wreath, you can add some fun decor to your shelves, tables, and door.

faux white plants for spring decor from joann stores

White or Pink Flowers in Planter

fiddle fig leaf plant from Joann Stores

Fiddle Leaf Fig

galvanized welcome sign from Joann stores

Welcome Galvanized Sign

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