With all the kitchen updates, I forgot to share one of my favorite additions we did to our house… the play room!  This was the one full room we added to our home.  We just opened a wall and reconfigured the kitchen, but we fully added the play room!

If you remember, our old play room was an addition that the previous owners added.  It was right off the living and dining room.  It was close to the kitchen but you couldn’t see into the play room while you were cooking in the kitchen.  We loved the space and having a place for the kids to play right on the first floor, but found it necessary to want to watch the kids while cooking.

Now, this room has turned into our kitchen!

I ended up taking practically everything from this room and moving it into the new play room.  The only thing that didn’t make it was the race car decals.

When we designed the space, we wanted a room that could grow with our family.  Since we love the benches for playing, storage, and seating, I wanted to make sure they fit into the space.

The benches are just the IKEA Kallax Shelves turned on its side.  I added a cushion to each bench by using some wood, mattress pad foam, and fabric.  I shared how I created them here.

I still need to add picture tags to each of the bins because we ended up changing what goes in some of the bins as the kids have changed what they play with!

We added the kids comfy chairs that were originally in their bedrooms.  They fit perfect in the octagon-shaped walls that make up the back wall.

The play room is to the left of the kitchen, so I am now able to watch the kids play while I am making dinner!  This has been such a huge saver, as we all know that “witching hour” time!

We painted this room in Benjamin Moore Sanctuary.  It is the perfect color because it is so calming, yet works wonderfully with the windows looking out into our backyard!

Our flooring is a grey tile from Home Depot.  We really needed to keep tile in that room because it has the door to the backyard.  With two kids and a dog, I didn’t want to ruin wood floors with water, dirt, and other stuff they bring in.  Tile is just so much easier!

We used the chandelier that was over our dining room table as the lighting in the play room.  I love how much light it provides and it looks pretty in that space!  The chandelier is from Restoration Hardware.  I just adore it and couldn’t let it go, even though my husband wanted a ceiling fan in that room.

All that is left is to find some window coverings, wall decor, and hiding the cords for the mounted television!  Plus, I have to finish labeling the bins, and possibly changing up the pillow coverings to something a litter more muted in color.

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