With today marking week 2 of the One Room Challenge, I am feeling like I should be further along than I actually am.

Don’t get me wrong, I am on target to get the room finished, but I just want the space done so badly that I expect things to go faster than they actually are.

So, just to recap, I am planning on updating our main floor bathroom in the next 5 weeks! You can read more about our plans here.

I know I am nuts, but what fun is life if you don’t try to completely revamp a room in the shortest amount of time possible?!?! (And document the entire process, just to add to the fun!)

updating main floor bathroom


I had been dead set on using Shadow by Benjamin Moore in the bathroom. Mostly because we did our accent wall that color and I am just in love!

So with my plan of doing some sort of wainscotting, I felt the dark color would be perfect for the bathroom.

But, since the space was so small and awkward, we couldn’t do the wainscotting you get from Home Depot. We had to construct it ourselves. We used wood to frame it out, with a baseboard and a chair rail to frame out the wainscotting.

Now, we have to fill all the nail holes and paint it!

That is going to be a big project, mostly because it’s a small space and it’s not smooth!!

Bathroom vanity and sink


The vanity got installed and I am just loving it!!

We found this beauty at a local kitchen and bath store called Crawford Supply. They were incredibly easy to work with and helped us find this vanity to fit within out budget. Can’t beat that!

Since the wainscotting is white, we decided to go with a white vanity. The Bertch 24″ vanity with two drawers fit our tiny bathroom perfectly.

We added a Fairmont Ceramic counter top to the vanity since the space was so small.

Now just trying to decide on knobs for the vanity. We ordered some but they might be too big. Still deciding if they can work. But I am so ready to organize under the sink!!

herringbone bathroom floor tile


We went with the herringbone pattern, and I am happy with it. But the grout is white, which I hate. I wanted a dark grey grout.

My thinking was that with two little kids, the dark grout would hide some of the gross-ness kids bring to the bathroom. Maybe that is just silly, but I was really excited for dark grout in the bathroom.

I may or may not try to regrout the bathroom because it is actually really bothering me. But, I don’t want to remove the old grout so I can put in new grout. It may be because I am lazy, or because that just sounds miserable. Anyone ever done that?!?! Is it as bad as it sounds??

renovating first floor bathroom

Next up is painting the wainscotting, waiting on the wallpaper, and picking out knobs for the vanity.  I ordered the wallpaper for the one wall that has the vanity and toilet. I am so excited to get that up!!

I am also still playing around with pictures/artwork, mirrors, and where to hang the towel bar.