As we have been updating and redecorating different parts of the house, our powder room on the main floor just wasn’t living up to it’s full potential.  It had some interesting lighting, wall color and vanity.  It just screamed “help me!”

Powder Room Update
Boring Powder Room
Powder Room Update
Light Fixture

The yellow color just felt really washed out due to the light tiles on both the wall and the floor.  The light fixture felt a little dated in regards to the rest of the house, and the vanity wasn’t a showcase piece because of the light colors in the room.  While I’m not a huge fan of the vanity for practical reasons (the bowl sink on top is just a nightmare when it comes to having little ones wash their hands and not getting yourself totally sprayed with water when you turn it on), but that’s a whole other project!

To start this project, we decided on a paint color that would really work well with the space.  I fell in love with the deep chocolate color from Benjamin Moore called Dark Nut Brown.  I also wanted a new light fixture so we found a more modern looking one from Lowe’s.

Once the paint had settled and the light fixture was up, I wanted to spruce up the space with some shelves and pictures.  Since the wall color was so dark, I felt it necessary to use lighter colors on the wall to give it a nice pop.  I found white shelves at Target along with a white picture frame.  I had taken a picture of dew on a leaf when I was in Costa Rica.  It has wonderful colors and seeing as the vanity is green, I felt that that would be a nice tie-in color to use in that space.

I found a shower curtain that I really liked from Target that I decided to turn into a curtain.  Using a cafe rod to hold the curtains up, I cut a slit in the center almost to the top and pulled back the curtain with two ribbons.

To finish off the space, I had wood flowers and a vase that were given to me as a graduation present years ago.  It has been in every apartment and home I have lived in.  It’s funny to see random things from your past transform from just something on the wall to being able to finish off a room so nicely!  Very glad I held on to it all.

And the updated powder room looks amazing.  Our next project is to find a different vanity, but that won’t be for a while mostly because I am not sure what I want in there!

Powder Room Update
Final Product
Powder Room Update
Wood Flowers and Vase along with Curtains
Powder Room Update
Shelves and Pictures
Powder Room Update
Picture From Costa Rica